Are You Stuck On Stupid?

JoAnn Hines

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I wish I could claim that I coined the phrase “stuck on stupid" because it so eloquently expresses the message, but I can't. I heard the phrase from a reporter who asked the same thing repeatedly even though the question had been responded to many times previously. The interviewee replied, “Are you stuck on stupid?"

I am asking you this same question. Are you stuck on stupid? I get the same inquiries over and over about managing a career, how to find a better job, how to get paid more money and so on. The interesting thing is that (like the reporter) the same people asking over and over for help never take action to resolve the issue.

When I was fired three times during my career, there were no career coaches or resources available to help get me back on my feet. Let me tell you it was hard work and let's face it no one really cared about me anyway. I vowed to make it easier for others to avoid the same pitfalls and missteps in managing their careers. I wanted to share the unwritten lessons that I learned that could have pointed me in the right direction.

Over the years, I have written articles about most conceivable job scenarios and how to resolve or change the problem. Many are readily available to you on my websites. Just email me at

But the key factor in resolving those issues is you. You have to take action. Whether is simply updating your bio or undertaking a complete personal branding campaign you must be motivated to do something about it.

I can show you how I did it and provide the simple steps to get it done. But until you are committed into doing something about it personally my message is to you. “Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid”. Manage your career rather than it managing you.

Wouldn’t it be great if . . .
. . . you knew how to promote yourself to attract people to your business ?
. . . you knew how to promote your career?
. . . you got more (a LOT more) people calling you rather than you calling them?
. . . you knew how to write a great press release?

Need some help to do this?

"The Packaging Yourself Workbook" is the only “how to" Workbook you will ever need.

This workbook cuts through the clutter in a simplified, straightforward manner and drastically reduces the time it takes to build your personal brand.

The “Packaging Yourself Workbook" is $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Place your order @ or email me @ for a TOC and order form.


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How Stupid Can People Be?
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