Your Communication Type - Take A Brief Quiz To See How Other People See You At Work

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Do you want to create better relationships at work, take charge of your career, learn a systematic approach to dealing with others, have more fun and become more successful? Then you need to learn how to be a better communicator.

Take this brief quiz* to find out how other people see you at work. Read each comment and choose the answer that most closely describes how you act or feel at work. Please choose only one answer for each question. If more than one answer accurately describes you, go with your first instinct.

1. When I start something new at work, I:

a) Decide on the quickest way to get it done

b) Brainstorm some ideas of how to do it

c) Ask someone else for suggestions

d) Make a list of all the things I need to do

2. When I have to tell someone bad news, I:

a) Tell them

b) Tell them to look at the bright side and I point out the positives

c) I worry how the other person will feel about the bad news so I talk it over with someone else to help me prepare

d) Carefully explain all the reasons so they can understand the logic behind the news

3. When I’m working with a group of people, I:

a) Keep things on track so there are no delays

b) Suggest ways to keep people interested and enthusiastic

c) Make sure that everyone gets included in the information so no one feels left out

d) Make sure that procedures are followed so nothing is missed

4. When I show someone else how to do a task, I:

a) Show them as quickly as possible so I can get back to my work

b) I get them excited about the task so they’ll want to do it

c) Chat with them so they’re comfortable and them help them to learn the task at their own speed

d) Explain the Standard Operating Procedure, and make sure they understand all the steps to do it correctly

5. On Monday morning one of the first things I do is:

a) Get to work

b) Tell people how I spent my weekend

c) Ask how other people spent their weekend

d) Look at my to-do list and plan my day

6. If I’m mad at someone at work, I:

a) Tell them

b) Do my best to control my anger but sometimes I just can’t help showing how upset I feel
c) Smooth it over - I don’t like conflicts
d) Try to avoid them

7. When I have to convince someone to do something, I:

a) Tell them what they should do

b) Wonder how I can excite them with my ideas

c) Try to understand their underlying concerns

d) Gather all the relevant information for a thorough presentation of the facts

8. When I have a problem, I:

a) Decide the direction I want to go in

b) Try to come up with some creative new ideas

c) Ask for help from my co-workers

d) Look for information on how similar problems have been dealt with in the past so I can determine the next logical steps

9. In a meeting I usually:

a) Take charge

b) Provide a little humor or fun

c) Ask questions to make sure that the viewpoints of everyone are included

d) Stick to the schedule to make sure we don’t miss any details

10. If I don’t get something I need to do my job, I:

a) Tell my boss exactly what I need and make sure I get it

b) Develop creative ways to get things done

c) Do my best to get my work done even if I don’t have everything I need

d) Give a detailed list to my boss of what I need, when I need it, and why I need it

11. When my boss invites me out to lunch, I:

a) Stick to business topics

b) Think it will be fun

c) Look forward to talking to my boss and getting to know her better

d) Prepare an update of the details and progress of my current projects to review

12. When someone makes a mistake, I:

a) Tell them

b) Try to motivate them to do better next time

c) Try to make them feel better about it after all everyone makes mistakes

d) I carefully explain the details of the problem and take them step by step through the correct solution

13. I would consider quitting my current job if:

a) I wasn’t promoted as quickly as I think I should be

b) My boss didn’t appreciate my creative contributions

c) I didn’t get along with my co-workers

d) The company forced me to make rush decisions without careful consideration of the facts

14. When I consider looking for a new job, I:

a) Quickly call a placement agency I don’t like to waste time on jobs that may not be able to offer me what I’m worth

b) Call my friends and let them know that I’m looking they know that I get bored after a while at a job so they’re not surprised
c) Don’t like to change jobs unless I absolutely have to

d) Carefully review my qualifications and compare them to information about other companies and jobs

15. I prefer to communicate:

a) With brief e-mails or notes

b) In person –- it’s so much easier to convince someone in person

c) In person - it’s easier to listen to someone and get to know them in person

d) With carefully planned e-mails or messages that include all the relevant information and backup

16. My work space is:

a) Decorated with things that show high status or power

b) Filled with fun pictures and items that reflect who I am

c) Comfortable - it has pictures of my family and friends

d) Very neat with few distractions

17. I prefer to dress in:

a) Power suits

b) Clothes that show my individuality

c) Comfortable clothes

d) A conservative and professional manner

18. When my boss doesn’t notice I’m doing a good job, I:

a) Tell her directly

b) Let her know the great things I’ve done and the terrific things other people say about me

c) Hope she’ll notice - I don’t like to boast

d) Send her detailed proof of all the hard work that I have accomplished

19. I would describe myself as:

a) Direct

b) Enthusiastic

c) Friendly

d) Logical

20. I like to work with co-workers who are:

a) Results oriented

b) Fun

c) Nice

d) Detail oriented

Add up all the responses.

The highest number shows which communication type you typically use. Here is information about each of the communication types:

Bossy Type
It’s all about results. You get things done.
You are:
- Results-oriented.
- Fast-paced.
- Assertive.
- A quick decision-maker.
- Time conscious.
- Direct and to the point.

Bubbly Type
You’re enthusiastic and you like to work with other fun people! You do your best work when you’re talking to other people. Ideas just seem to tumble out of your mouth when you talk to others. Typically, you’re quick to jump in with ideas and you enjoy bantering with others. You like multitasking and are good at doing several things at once.

Buddy Type
People often mention how nice you are. It makes you feel good when you hear that and you like helping the people with whom you work. You always try to do your best and you’re willing to put in extra time on a project and pitch in wherever it is needed. After all, it’s important you all work together to get the job done. You work with some great people and you like to do things for them such as bringing in donuts on Fridays or starting a collection to buy a birthday cake. You know people appreciate little things like that. Your group feels like old friends who look out for one another. Even when things are difficult, you can get through it if you all work together.

Brainy Type
Brainy types focus on Facts and prefer Thinking over Action. Brainy types are:
1. Calm
2. Quiet
3. Private
4. Detail Oriented
5. Logical & Structured

After you learn about your preferred communication type, think about how your co-workers like to communicate. If you’re very different, you may find it harder work well together. By understanding you and the people around you, you can make small adjustments in the way you deal with them to build better relationships and get better results.

*This is a version of the quiz in “Why Can’t You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results At Work”. The book includes case studies with practical solutions to communication problems. The chapters are written in different styles for each of the 4 communication types.

Laura Browne is the author of “Why Can’t You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results At Work” available at or Ms. Browne helps women become more successful in corporations through WOMEN Unlimited, a nationally recognized resource for cultivating leadership excellence.


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