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Making Impressions


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They say the first impression is the most important. As a matter of fact it is said that you are being evaluated in the first three seconds of meeting someone. It's interesting to think in that short period of time people are looking for shiny shoes, expensive watches, your demeanor, body language, grooming and what other accessories you are wearing. That makes sense in many settings especially if you are at a party, a business meeting or in a restaurant. However, what if you run into someone at the hospital? Do you consider what medical uniforms they are wearing? Can you judge what a person is like based on what they are wearing at work?

In many settings that is easy to do and you will either be of a comparable social level or business level depending on what you wear, how you carry yourself, and all of those other immediate judgments that can be made. For instance, at work where everyone wears suits and expensive clothes, the accessories may make all the difference. Shoes are important, watches, necklaces, your grooming, your language, your behavior and everything you do and say is used by others to assess where you belong.

However, when at work where you don't wear a suit, such as a hospital, you may all wear similar outfits but you are more limited in accessories and even in the scrubs you wear. Things have improved significantly over the years since scrubs were first introduced. When they first came out you had your choice of green or green. Today, you have an assortment of colors and even a variety of patterns from which to choose. For instance, you can choose a brand name such as Peaches scrubs amongst the variety of offerings.

You can try to size someone up when they are wearing scrubs but it becomes a bit harder. Even when wearing Metroscrubs a doctor may not appear any different than a nurse or operating tech. The cool thing is that maybe it doesn't make any difference, maybe it does. Just like in the boardroom, people know who the movers and shakers are and it takes the whole team to get the job done. It goes beyond that because it seems to be human nature to judge others unless you are very well trained to do otherwise.

Instead of relying on picking out the best scrubs or the nicest suit, maybe there are other traits to spend time perfecting. Success may also be based on leadership which consists of competence, character and compassion. Other traits which come into play may also include integrity and the ability to make a first impression.

In other words, wearing medical uniforms may not have to come into play when making a first impression. Wearing Peaches scrubs or Metroscrubs may make a difference when getting the right color and fit for your body but the impression you make will probably be more dependent on your ability to do the job and other personal traits.


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12 Lessons to Good First Impressions
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