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Interview Thank You Letter Why You Should Bother


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Preparing for and then going the job interview can seem like a whirlwind of events. Many people are left feeling fatigued and emotionally spent after the interview finally takes place. This not a surprise considering the time spent fine tuning your resume, preparing copies, practicing for the interview, and finally going through the interview. One of the last things job seekers are interested in at this stage is to do anything else. This is why the Interview Thank You Letter often is neglected and never sent. This actually can be a huge mistake and here is why:

1. A final opportunity to highlight your credentials. In a regular interview, you only have so much time to make your case. You are relying on the resume, cover letter and how you performed in the interview. This actually is not a lot to go on, especially when you do not normally have much control in the actual interview. This is why an interview thank you letter is important because it gives you a chance to point out your best qualifications in your own words. In a hotly contested decision, this letter could be the necessary tool needed to remind the interviewer why you should get a pass to the next round.

2. A last chance to address any concerns about your candidacy. During the interview, you probably had a feeling that there may be a few things they are concerned about your candidacy. Also, during the interview, you may have not had enough time to respond to them. This is where an interview thank you letter has power because it lets you address them in your own words. This can be helpful in letting you clarify a certain issue or further minimize a perceived weakness. If you word your letter carefully, this can be one more arrow you can use to hit your target.

3. Nice gesture that can help you stand out among other candidates. Since so many people will often neglect sending in a thank you letter, just that fact that you send a letter will help you stand out. In addition, if it is personalized and shows you spent some time preparing it, it will further bolster any goodwill the interviewer has about your candidacy. This is great for giving your potential boss a simple reassurance that you are a good hire and may be enough to get you another interview.

4. Provides you with follow-up contact information. One of the pieces of information that is needed to send in a thank you letter will be the interviewer's contact information. By obtaining this information for the interview thank you letter, you are doing two things than can help you. The first is that it gives you a direct contact to the hiring person which you can use to follow-up with a few days after the interview thank you letter is sent. This is helpful for getting a direct response on the outcome. The second advantage is you now have a contact for possible future interviews with the company. You can use this contact down the line for informational interviews or you can follow-up with her a few months later to see if a job has opened up. Assuming you had a decent interview, it only makes since to take advantage of this contact. Too many job seekers fail to see how this contact could lead to other jobs or opportunities 6 months or 1 year down the line.

Taking the time to write an Interview Thank You Letter is an excellent idea to help increase your odds of success in getting the job. However, to get the maximum benefits out of this article, you will need specific tips on writing Interview Thank You Letter . To find examples of these and other interview tips, please click on


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