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How To Get That Job You Want - The Rewards, The Admin

M. P. J. Hayes

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This final article for job hunters talks briefly about the rewards and running your job hunting as a project.

Different professions in different lands will have different methods of rewarding their employees. What we have in this article is a checklist of elements you should think about.


Things to think about; the starting salary and the growth chances. A company either rewards its people according to performance or according to salary scales/tables. The latter option is based on seniority, education, etc. Perfect if you are looking for long-term security bit if you are convinced that you are going places then its option number one.


Most people do not bother with this subject until they have reached thirty plus but I would suggest that the sooner you begin the better. Companies will have different contribution systems varying from nothing through to a 100% of the premium. My advice is to start your own pension scheme as soon as it is possible and take it with you where ever you go.

Training/further education

If you plan to carry on with your education after you have started work then this can be an interesting discussion point when negotiating conditions.

Questions could be:

- Do you have internal courses?

- Do you pay all education/training costs or part of them?

- Do I get time off for lessons and exams?

Again the element long or short term is relevant here. When you are planning to start a career with the company then this subject is important.


Travel contributions can form an important slice of the rewards package. What could the options be?

- Public transport

- Lease car

- etc.


Further elements which may be considered:

- Number of holidays per year.

- Medical insurance cover

- Canteen/lunch facilities

- Unemployment insurance cover

- Accident insurance cover

- Bonus/profit sharing

Do not forget when considering the package being offered, to think about what effect the future will have on the total package.

The boring bit, the administration

Quite often I have called someone about their application letter and they don't even remember that they had sent me it. This is irritating and doesn't give the person calling a good impression of the applicant. So administer your job applications.

It is simple actually; you want to know who you wrote to, at which company, when and what has happened since. I have never had a problem with applicants who take the initiative and carry out their own follow up.

There are two levels of registration. One for regular follow- up and a detailed register. Information to be included:

- Company name

- Person contacted, name and title/position

- Date letter sent

- First reaction

- Date first reaction

- Second reaction

- Date second reaction

- Interview date

- Impression of interview, positive/negative

- Their reaction to interview

- Date to call

- Result of call

- Analysis of the results

Initial Contact Record

This form lets you plan the calls you want to make and you can check in one glance whether you are on course or not. The number of columns you use is up to you.

These forms will give you the information needed to analyze the reasons should you experience more unsuccessful attempts. Fill them in carefully and completely and be objective.


Should you have several rejections, which, if you have been doing your work right, you should not have, then it is a good idea to analyze the reasons given to see if there are any trends to be discovered and then take action.

Click the forms link below to see a couple of example forms.

Thanks for reading. This is one of 5 articles on job hunting by this author.

Mike Hayes

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