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Philip Lye

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There is a silent revolution creeping across the landscape of Australia where men and women are waking up to the realization that’s there more to life than corporate commitment and the myth of shareholders wealth.

Working 12 – 15 hour days Australia is rapidly approaching the label of the western world’s workaholic nation. Australia is not alone with most developed nations in the grip of this problem.

People are burning out and the trappings of wealth have started to loose there attraction.

Would you believe it! When you analyze shareholders wealth this usually equates to the chief executive officers of the company increasing their pay packet while the ‘shareholder’ receives little extra in return.

Why are we so foolish to wrap ourselves in the deception of ‘corporate rationalism’ While it is true that we need finance to live, how much is enough?

People are so busy working for the corporation that they fail to notice as the clock ticks by and suddenly they find themselves redundant, expendable, old and unable to enjoy the trappings of success!

There is an emerging trend as 70,000 Australians each year leave corporate life and the stresses that accompany it to move away from the city and embrace a life that includes time to relax, time with their partner, children and stepping off the crazy merry-go-round.

This is happening in an environment where the western world is rapidly experiencing an ageing population and a skills shortage. This poses a dilemma for corporations.

Its time for a reality check, for corporations and government to take notice and be serious about quality of life!

Much of our societal problems can be put down to a variety of expediencies and stresses. Look at the evidence; increased medical costs, bullying and harassment escalation, an increase in mental illness, the break-down of parents and their children, governments with funding problems unable to meet the growing demands for services.

Take a simple test and see if you have a life.

1. Do you work longer than 50 hours per week (this includes networking etc)

2. Is your thought life preoccupied by work?

3. Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?

4. Do you find it difficult to switch off and engage your partner and family?

5. Is work an escape mechanism for your problems?

6. Have you ever earned that ‘magic amount’ that you told yourself would set you up for life?

7. How much time do your spend each week in genuine non work related activities?

If you answered at least 3 of these truthfully then you are well on your way to overwork, health problems and a diminished quality of life; or so the experts tell us.

Take an Inventory of your life; where am I going and what do I really want, what is really important to me.

Make changes before time runs out. You do not need to live in regret!

Corporations; prove that your human resources are your most valuable assets by how your work them and treat them.

No more lip service!

Having been a recovered workaholic I can attest that there is life after corporate life and work. You may loose money and possessions but you gain what you always wanted; quality times with your family, happy memories as you grow older, time for relaxation and refreshment and slowing down to appreciate the small blessings of life.

It takes courage to admit our failures and to be honest and make changes but you will be among a growing band of people who have made the change. Your will be rewarded!

Take the following steps.

1. Be determined to escape the rat race

2. Plan your exit on your grounds and at your timing

3. Don’t procrastinate (you will always see you could do with more money)

4. Be deliberate in your planning

5. Take steps take courage and take action.

Remember: no person on their deathbed wished they would have worked harder. Research shows that most people regret they did not take time for their family and themselves.

Don’t be a corporate statistic – the price is life - YOURS

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Philip Lye is the founder of Biz Momentum providing strategic human resource management to assist small to medium enterprises.

He is a futurist and critical thinker encouraging people to move out of their comfort zone and achieve a meaningful lives.


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