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A pre employment screening usually involves some basic investigation. The most important and common screening is for the authentication of the data in the resume. Many applicants have fake job experiences in their resumes. This might make the resume look attractive but might prove to be harmful to the applicant if the results turn up that the resume has been falsified. Many people expect the employers to take the resume at face value. Of course, a good resume does provide a good impression but if it is falsified, there could be no chance that the employer would consider the candidate.

Basic verification of the resume includes checking the education records such as if the schools and colleges mentioned do exist and if the candidate has indeed enrolled. This can be available in the school or college records, but the investigator will have access to these only if the investigation is indeed legal and authentic.

Past employment details are also verified and must comply with the details provided at the time of the interview. Referrals will be called and checked for authenticity. The exact reasons for quitting previous jobs also carry a lot of weight. It is very important to check for the applicant’s worker’s compensation history. If the candidate seems to have too many of these cases against the past employers, it is better to make sure the candidate is not in a position to sue the new company also.

Other screenings include the verification of the social security number, driving history, and motor vehicle history. This is most important if the post is for that of a driver or someone in charge of the vehicles in the company.

Another screening that is almost a must is the criminal history. This ensures a safe environment to the employees if the newest employee does not have a registered criminal background. This will also rule out the possibility of theft or other problems with the company.

The applicant is also checked out for drug history. This might affect the work of the candidate, as well as make the other employees uncomfortable to work with someone on drugs. The applicant is also checked for *** abuse in the state or nation *** offenders registry. This might prove to be very unsafe especially when the candidate will be working in an environment consisting of women and children.

Last, but not least is the verification of the medical and credit history. This is especially important when the company provides the medical insurance and a corporate credit card. There are a number of chances of misusing these if the candidate’s history regarding such as these are not properly verified.

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