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Job Search Tactics To Help Shorten Your Job Finding Campaign


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Many job hunters find themselves dab smack in the middle of long drawn-out job searches because they think answering newspaper ads, posting on Internet job board, and contacting recruiters is where it's at.

While all bases need to be covered, you can prevent a job search that's drawn out by applying the four job search tactics that follow -

1. Have an objective in mind and on your resume. To have a goal impresses job prospects because they know that you know exactly what you want. When don't have a job objective or know the title of the job you're after, how will your job prospects know what you want? You'll confuse the job marketplace when you have no objective. Bottom line: have a target and aim for it.

2. Seek progress, not perfection. There is no perfect job search, resume, cover letter, or anything else in life for that matter. The result of trying to be perfect is more stress. That's why you'll always do better when you go for progress, not perfection. And you will progress with practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. But since perfection isn't what you're after, let's change the saying to “practice makes progress. "

Managing your job finding campaign is like learning to operate a solo business with three departments -

  • Your CREATIVE department - writing resumes, letters, and e-mails

  • Your MARKETING department - networking for information and referrals, sending letters and e-mails; phoning for appointments

  • Your SALES department - interviewing and following up interviews

    3. Consider your work in each department as practice sessions. Look for gradual improvement in each area. Remember, you're seeking progress, not perfection. You didn't ride a bicycle or drive a car perfectly the first times out. But practice yielded gradual improvement. And you became a pro at riding a bike and driving your care before you knew it.

    4. Eliminate stinking thinking. So your job has been cut. Allow yourself time to experience sadness or wallow in self-pity, rage, and the desire to get even. Then get over it by absorbing yourself in a job finding campaign. Negative attitudes, known as stinking thinking, show thorough at interviews and turn off potential employers. Who wants to hire a candidate who appears angry or disheartened?

    This is the reason why it's important to be in a good mood while interviewing. People prefer to be in the company of positive people. The more positive you are, the more interviewers will like you and accept what you tell them.

    But don't think positively just on interview days, Develop the habit of seeing your glass half full in most situations all day long.

    5. Finally decide to sweat. It takes work to land the job you want and deserve. There are no short cuts. You need to work on your job search campaign at least five hours a day in order to find a job fast in a tight job market.

    So go to work for yourself each day, acting as if you already have a fulltime marketing and sales job - the job of finding a job.

    Randy Place, a career management consultant in private practice, and Internet host of Your Career Service - Daily posts feature job-finding tips and career management advice. Topics include job interview tips, networking strategies, dealing with job loss, resume writing and personalized cover letters, getting ahead at work, how to handle standard interview questions and much more

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