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Forget about the long list of Interview questions that you think you need to know or memorize before a interview. The truth is that we are in a new millennium and things are getting simpler.

There are five basic interview questions that you really need to pay attention to. Just five of these interview questions will tell the employer more about you, and these questions may be asked directly or the employer may try to find out obliquely:

Why are you here? - What they mean is, why are you knocking on my door rater than some one else's door?

What can you do for us? - What they mean by this is, “if I were to hire you, would be part of the problem I already have or would be be part of the solution? What are your skills and how can you apply those to our benefit, how much do you know about some subject or field that is of interest to us?

What kind of person are you? - What they mean be this is, do you get along easily with people, do you share the values which we have at this place, are you easy to work with?

What distinguishes you form the 49 other people who can do the same tasks that you can? - what they mean is, do you have better work habits than the 49 other people, do you show up early, work late, work thoroughly, work faster, maintain higher standards, go the extra mile . . . . . . . . ?

Can I afford you? - What they mean by this is that if they decide to hire you, how much will it cost them to get you, and we willing to be able to pay that amount?

You may think all these are basic questions, but take about twenty minutes and try and answer them. It will be tougher than you think.

Sit down with friends and family and ask them to interview you, based on the questions above, then ask them for feed back (make sure they tell you the truth about your performance, other wise this exercise is worthless)

happy interviewing

Manik Thapar (MBA)


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Questions To Ask In A Job Interview - 5 Simple Questions To Make Yourself Shine
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