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If You Are Serious About Becoming A Recruiter - Become One!


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As a recruiting industry consultant, trainer, author and recruiter, I receive numerous e-mails daily from individuals who want to become recruiters. Many have already spent hundreds to thousands on training materials. While it is easy to spend money on hopes of becoming a recruiter, it is not easy to actually become one.

Given that the recruiting industry currently has no barriers to entry, a host of recruiter wannabes flock in on a daily basis, but the door they come into this industry through is a revolving door. They leave at the same rate only to return in a few months or years and then to leave again. They keep coming back because they know that a career in recruiting is achievable, and that for those who have mastered the ropes, the sky is the limit. There is a general belief amongst newcomers that there has to be some secret formula to the process that consistently puts millions in the pockets of a significant number of recruiters. These people have to know something that they are not telling, and if only they too could find out what the secret to successful recruiting is, they could also pocket millions (or maybe more realistically, just a quarter of a million) annually.

Apart from the right training, to be successful in this industry you need to come in with the right mindset. This will speak to your dedication, your perseverance, your creativity, and your will to succeed. You do not need to go back to school to become a better recruiter; you do not need any new certifications or special licenses. The entry barriers are low and glass ceilings are virtually non-existent. Still like most new-comers know by now, recruiting is not an easy profession. Employers pay recruiters anywhere from $6,000 - $45,000 (or even more) in fees for each candidate that they hire through the recruiter. If recruiting were easy, employers will fill their open positions and keep these significant fees to themselves.

Successful recruiters through knowledge, creativity and perseverance manage to acquire strategies with which they approach both clients and candidates that works consistently. They reap huge rewards in the form of a steady career, and deposit a predictable amount of income in their accounts every month. Come into this industry with the right attitude, not just knowing which strategies are effective, but also with the ability to implement them, and you too should be able to succeed.

The training materials you purchase may give you strategies, jump-start your knowledge and certainly may help you hit the ground running; but true success in any field comes from the individual. Make sure you get this straight before you consider a career in recruiting.

Christine N. Udeani is a recruiting industry consultant and author of The Recruiter's Edge - Homebased Recruiter training system and Power Recruiting - Invaluable Strategies for the 21st Century Recruiter. To learn more about the homebased recruiting industry, or to find out how you can become a homebased recruiter, visit -


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