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Are you struggling in your current job? Have you looked for career change advice in all the traditional places – career counselors, business magazines, trade journals and are still stuck in a job you hate? Below is an easy process to get you moving forward.

How Unhappy are You on a Scale of 1-10?

Most people need to encounter significant dissatisfaction and pain in order to step outside of their comfort zone and make changes. What is your level of satisfaction? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “I can barely get out of bed in the morning" and 10 being “I would do this work for free", what is your level of satisfaction with your current work situation?

Do I Hate the Work Itself?

If you are doing your right work, you will get energy from your work. Helping people break free from the corporate world gives me energy. I get off our Fearless Action Group calls with more energy than when I started the call. I know I have found my right work.

To choose work that is aligned with your true nature and calling, you must know who you are. This includes an honest evaluation of your skills and aptitude. What work do you perform naturally and effortlessly? Also, you must know what you value and what your life purpose is.

If your work is in alignment with your natural abilities, values, and purpose but you are still not happy, then you need to look at your work environment.

Do I Hate the Corporate World?

Many of my clients are unhappy in their current jobs because they don’t fit into the corporate world. Every company has a unique corporate culture. You may enjoy your work and find it gives you lots of energy, but you are not thriving in your current company.

I help my clients to diagnose their company culture and determine whether or not they fit into this culture. Corporate culture is a powerful and invisible force. The more that you understand how culture influences you and those around you, the better you will be at making informed decisions about your career.

Are you better suited to work on your own or to build a company with an un-corporate culture?

If your current level of dissatisfaction is high and you hate the work you do, then start paying attention to what you enjoy doing. Don’t think, “I could never make money doing this. ” You’ll be surprised to learn what is possible with the right intentions. If you love your work but hate the corporate world, then put together a plan to build your own business.

Solid Career Change Advice

The best career change advice that you can get will show you how to look inside for your own answers. You know what your perfect career is, you just need to discover the answer inside of you. Skills assessments, resume writing, interview coaching, and the like will not lead you down a path to happiness. Changing careers takes courage, inspiration, and a solid plan. Life is too short to waste it doing work you hate.

Find out how to break free from the corporate world. Debra Thorsen is a happy corporate escapee who helps individuals create real wealth and happiness without 9 to 5 jobs. Visit for free tips on career change, wealth building, and living without fear.


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