It Ain't Easy Staying Employed

JoAnn Hines

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Did you know that in one week one percent of you colleagues and associates will change jobs? Look at it another way. In one year, over 50 percent will change jobs or positions. Wow! Those are some staggering numbers. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to change for a while. Now, look around the office. Who won’t be there next year?

I didn’t mean to scare you. So, let’s talk about the good news in this state of affairs. There are strategies that you can apply that will keep you a step ahead of your colleagues in terms of job security. Nothing can guarantee that you will keep your job but implementing proactive strategies will keep you ahead of the crowd.

Let’s talk about you and your work relationships. Do associates think highly of you? Are they confident in your abilities? Do they want to be on your team? Are you a leader within your group? All of these perceptions by your peers will enhance your boss’ opinion of you.

What about your boss’ opinion of you? Can you be depended upon? Are you a team player? Are you completing your assignments when they are due? Do you miss work often? Is the company supportive of your projects?

To help deduce the answers, here are some questions to consider. When was your last evaluation? Was it written? Were there issues?

When was your last raise or promotion? Have you been overlooked for a choice assignment? Do you sense any uneasiness in your working relationships? Does your boss look you in the eye? Do you feel uncomfortable at work for no definite reason?

Evaluate the above questions. Telltale signs might be either supporting continued employment or spelling impending doom. You need to read between the lines and you will know if you will be among the one percent of employees who changes jobs next week.

The reality show question of it is: Are you fired and just don't know it?

When I started my career on the packaging industry I was just a lowly underling with no possibility for advancement. I tried all the “company touted" ways to advance my career to no avail. I was frustrated, disappointed and disenchanted about why no opportunities came my way. I was an excellent worker, on time honest and a top performer so why couldn't the “powers that be" recognize that fact?

It was because I didn't understand how to package myself. I didn't know that hard work and good performance DOES NOT equate to career advancement. YES, that's right a good performance does not mean that you will get promoted or a raise. Visibility is the key: who you know and who knows you is the magic door opener. And only you can make that happen. How much personal marketing have you done? I bet its not much. Its a methodical process that requires a commitment each and every week. And we all know how time crunched you are. But what if you have most of the work done for you and marketing yourself was as simple as filling in the blank. To find out more email me at


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