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Career Planning or Career Change - Four Critical Actions to Overall Career Success!


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You've worked for an employer for a few years. But things just don't seem right. Maybe it's a new boss, or a new CEO but things aren't what they used to be. Your career seems to be going nowhere. For whatever reason, your job doesn't get you going in the morning, if fact, some mornings you dread going it to work.

But what now? You know you could do more. How do you jump start and keep your career sharp and fresh and your interest high? If you're looking to make a well planned job change or just want to build a fire under your uninspiring career path you need to study the following action change toolkit.

To make an effective change in your career or get back on the fast track you need to study the following four action building ideas.

1. What is your career purpose? What were you meant to do? Do the analysis and find out once and for all what you should be doing. Everyone possesses a calling or a unique purpose. Everyone is unique and this uniqueness will show itself in career we are meant to do. Connect the dots from you life purpose to your career. Start with thinking how and why you are in your current career. Is everything currently valid? If not, find out why.

2. Have you ever written you own career mission statement? If you have maybe it's time to take a careful review of the mission statement. Rewrite if necessary. If you haven't written you career mission statement now would be a productive time to get it done. It can add focus, direction and a sense of purpose in you decisions regarding your career or career change.

3. Do you have your career goals in writing? If not now is the time to think them through and write them down. It is essential to set your short, intermediate and long term career goals. You want to be able to see and track your progress. For example, if you career goal is to read 120 books in the next five years, break it down and track it at two per month. If you don't track the goal by the month, it will do you not good trying to catch up in the last month and try to read 60 books.

4. Motivating actions start with small steps. Destructive habits don't show up overnight. A person's lack of physical fitness, for example, doesn't go from fit one day to unable to walk two miles the next. Rather it's the accumulation of daily, weekly and perhaps years of the lack of strenuous physical activity.

The same can be said for your career. You have the abilities to make daily small but significant changes in your purpose, determination and commitment. Over time, some as little as twenty-one days, your attitude and self-confidence will grow as these small improvements build and grow. This results in your motivation accelerating to make your career goals a reality.

Use these four career building ideas from your toolkit and you'll find success if you are looking to change careers or just want to get the excitement back into your current job. By studying, planning, setting goals and taking action you'll be well on the way to looking forward to going to work every morning.

John Groth is a former HR executive and career coach. Find Career Changing Ideas , valuable articles and a Free seven day career planning guide. Discover up to date career and recruitment strategies at our Employment Planning Guide all to assist you in advancing and managing your career.


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Career Change - From Teaching to a Road Map to Success!
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