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Don Monteith

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All of us want to discover success, yet too often we move in paths that take us to the wrong destination. You can find your dream job, IF. . . . . and that's the KEY to your success. . . . knowing or fixing the IF in your life.

Let's think about your goal. You do have one, right? If not, then your first step must be to sit down and THINK. What's my objective? You've got to KNOW what and where it is that you are heading before success can be achieved.

Yes, it's ugly. WORK without pay, full-time to boot! Every morning, you get up, dress up, fix up, like you're going to an executive job downtown. You are, but it's without pay for now. Your investment of energy, time, and research will pay huge dividends in your future dream job, I promise, income potential, too.

Truth is. . . NO ONE likes to interview for a new position, at least I never did. Few of us like to work without pay. OK, maybe some wierd dummie thinks it's fun.

Let's just say that educated folks, those with talent and skills to offer, do not find searching for a new position their choice vocation. All of us like to be paid for the benefit of investing our talent with an employer.

With that said, the time spent searching; researching; pounding the pavement and sitting in front of an interviewer is not fun, but it's going to be worth many dollars in your future income and job satisfaction. One key to the job offer is in how we present ourselves during the initial interview, plus the follow-up.

Remember, you are not alone. Hundreds of candidates may be interested in the same position you seek, but don't let that discourage your effort. It only means you've got to work SMARTER than the rest. You've got to perfect the strategy to exceed, out perform, excell against the odds.

Be sure that some tough questions are coming. . . .interviewers want to hear about your experiences; your skills; they'll want to know your intentions of staying with their firm. You'll hear questions like. . . “where do you expect to be in 5 years"? A tough one, but you've got to be prepared with an answer.

What do you know about OUR firm? Have you done any research? Do you know anything about our industry? Successes, challenges, failures? The interviewer, at least the sharp ones, have good techniques to uncover vital information that will help them in the process of learning about you.

Are you on a shotgun interview or is this your rifle shot? The difference is just “looking" for any ‘ole’ job or seeking to uncover YOUR dream job. Be willing to say thanks, but no thanks, if the job is not the right one for you.

Before stepping inside to interview any firm, make sure YOU know WHY this firm will make a serious error in judgement if they fail to hire you for the position. You are the main “show" performer when on the interviewing stage. Know your lines well and practice, practice, practice BEFORE your live performance.

It's imperative that you be in control of every interview. How can this happen? As they say, “piece-a-cake" when you educate yourself about the status of every employer in the industry; know their financial condition; reputation; history and ‘street’ knowledge gleaned through prior interviews.

Have FUN while you're working out your strategic ACTION plan. Write every step down in detail. Save your ‘select’ future employer until you've interviewed with competitive industry employers. By now, you've got so much your bullet that one rifle shot will put you on top of the mind-ladder of your chosen employer.

Don Monteith spent 32 years as co-owner of several franchises and a personnel/staffing business. Every year, his firm placed hundreds of job candidates in their dream job. Today, Don shares his business and career expertise through his newest websites on the Internet. Lots of FREE ideas - suggestions - ready for your perusal and study.


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