I Want A Raise!

Raymond Usbal

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Observe a plant placed inside a box with a small hole in it. The plant will elongate outside the box through the hole so that its leaves will reach the sunlight. Why? It's because of its needs of the sunlight to grow and bear fruit when the time comes. It is only natural for a plant to bear fruit.

Look at you, isn't it that you want a raise - you want to be promoted? Would you like some thought? Listen to me…

Are you good at your work? If not then you have to strive to know more so that you can outgrow your work. It is only when you outgrow the requirements of work that you can be promoted.

Okay so how? Read books, eBooks and all kinds of information which is free on the web. That way you will be feeding your mind with food that it needs to grow. You see, as the sunlight is food to the plant, information is food to your brain.

So after sometime of extra effort (mind you not everybody is willing to do that) you are now much more capable and qualified than what your work requires. Sooner or later, your boss will begin to notice the improve quality and speed of your work. Make it known to him that you welcome more challenging task. Ask him what more can you possibly do to help the company reach its goal.

Hmmm… so far so good but what if your company doesn't give you the chance to contribute more of your abilities? Well, it's time to apply to other companies. That will mean the possibility of leaving your officemates who are now close friends. Well, it's actually your decision whether you prioritize your social life or the brighter future that is waiting for you.

In my experience, if you want to have a raise, apply for another job. You tell then your prospective employer that you have outgrown your current job which is basically the reason why you are exploring for better job opportunities. You will only accept the job offer, of course, if the offered salary is greater than your current salary. Aha! That's the raise.

There are two possibilities here, either your company will convince you to remain because they value you (and that means they are offering a bigger check!), or, in case there is no position in your present company for you to be promoted into, then that is the go signal for you to transfer. Either scenario, you got a raise.

After that, repeat the process again. Along the way you become more knowledgeable and capable of solving problems required in most work environments. You are being paid of the problem that you are capable of solving and that makes you an asset to any company.

So, does this not mean that I will be hated by my employers because I will not be staying with them for long?

Well, of course not. In the first place, it's not your motive to transfer to another company but to be promoted since you have upgraded your qualifications which enables you to accomplish more tasks and solve more problems. You are leaving a company only if a position for you to grow is not available. In that case, it is but reasonable for you to transfer to another company that needs you. Say amen if you agree!

PS: You need to honor the agreement you signed with your company regarding the period for them to look for your replacement. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your employers. Who knows for sure whether you will be working with them again in the future!

Raymond S. Usbal is a Filipino Christian writer who wants to inspire others by sharing tidbits of wisdom and humor for practical living. He is, at the same time, a PHP/MySQL programmer. Be inspired more by visiting inspirational-pages.com !


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