The Power of a Hand-Shake!

Brad Burnie

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Do you have a good hand shake? It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to shake hands properly! There is nothing worse than a cold clammy weak handshake. The other day I shook my friend’s hand and he had no grip at all! It felt like I was shaking hands with a 5 year old girl. . . so fragile.

This shows people that he is not confident! ~which is not good to show people~

Remember, People will decide if they like you within 2 seconds of meeting you!

A. nice firm grip too strong = too aggressive too weak = submissive, lack of confidence They key to apply enough pressure to make the other feel like they are getting a response out of you.

*how to be sexy note* When shaking hands with a nice looking female, use the left hand to lightly touch their elbow and slide down their forearm when the hand shake is done. (GENTLE + LIGHT)

B. goes up and down once or twice to quick = they think they are dismissing them to many times = Let go of me FREAK!

C. let go and back up Give people their space! Do not crowd them don’t be “in their face”

D. SIMLE! And have good eye contact having a smile means you’re more approachable and friendly Eye contact, show’s your self-confidence

What does Eye contact Mean? Heavy = AGRRESSION, freaks people out a lot = *** moderate = *your goal Little = shy, no-confidence

Remember to have a good hand-shake, smile, have a firm grip, and good eye contact. You can’t go wrong!

Author: Bradley Burnie
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