The Top Ten Worst Work at Home Scams Part 1

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1. Envelope stuffing

Earn $300-$800 a week and more!!!! So easy, no experience necessary. However we need to make sure that only serious workers apply so there will be a “one-time fee for the enrollment costs are well as material that we will send you to mail out. Send a SASE to this address and start earning today!

Does that sound familiar? To begin with I will tell you that if you see this or anything like it run a mile away. Do not think that this sounds good and it’s only a measly $29.99 so I can afford to lose that if it’s a scam. Just say to yourself, “It is a scam. " Envelope stuffing has been around for decades and while they have slowly evolved, it is always the same. Just think for a second, why would any want to pay you $2-$4 to stuff an envelope and pay you over $500 a month or more, when they can buy themselves a machine that will stuff the envelopes for them? The machines are a few hundred dollars. In the long they would actually save money, by not paying someone else to stuff them.

How the scam works: You see an add similar to the one I wrote above. You send in the “small" fee which can be anywhere from $5 up to $100 or more. You sit at home waiting for your package thinking that you can put those brochures, pamphlets or postcards. The only thing your usually getting is a one page instruction telling you to put the same ad in a newspaper and wait for some sucker to grab the bait like you did. There are also the one in which you are told to send $1 to everyone on a list, usually 5 people, put your name in the first slot and take off the #5 name and send out these letters to those people. You will then be getting all these people sending you $1, and before you know it you’ll be a millionaire. No you won’t, do I have to tell you this is a scam? A scam that long ago moved onto the internet and is now usually played with sites such as Paypal, and Stormpay. Same scam different twist. You just send $1 or more to these 5 or 10 accounts and you will soon have money flooding into your Paypal account. Scam. This to me is just another for of MLM. Which is another scam to flush your money down the toilet.

2. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

"Lose 40 pounds in less than a month. Feel better with this miracle juice. Tone up with this miracle cream etc, etc…. . Once you try it, you will love it and even better if you get others to sign up under you; you can make thousands a month. "

This dear friends is known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). There are so many that I can’t get through even 1% of them. The usual basis of MLM is you see some product which is often, not worth the money, untested, unproven that you will get the results it claims to give you, and most importantly it might be dangerous. Just think, would you buy a bottle of green juice off someone on a street corner because they claim it will make you shed 100 pounds? Now the MLM I will talk about here is the “product" scam. This one is you are buying a product or joining up to work for them selling there product. If you buy the product they will tell you that you can get rich if you get others to sign up. You will be there sponsor and when they join to sell you 40% of the product price and if you sign up another you get 20% of there product price and so on. Or you need to sign up for the gold or platinum membership and make even more money, just $199.99 or more and don’t worry you’ll make that money back in no time. I’ve even seen some so ridiculous due to the fact that your purchasing all these products to try and make even more money, not realizing your losing money or at least no making any, just paying a little less for the less than worth it so called miracle product. The other part of a product scam is your not using or even buying it, your trying to make money solely by getting others to sign up. All those ads you see? On tv, cheap magazines, free newspapers, email and all over the web, well those are the people trying to get YOU to sign up and make them a commission. All you will be doing is trying to recruit more and more people to sell this product and earn some money. Some do it, but it’s very difficult and over 90% are scams.

3. Data entry/Claim Processing/Name Compiler

There are many other names for this. The whole point of it is to work at home as a typist/data entry worker. These people usually claim that they have so much work that they need help and its cheaper to get someone to work from home than to hire another computer or expand there onsite business. In these scams there is always a fee for the application which can be $30-$1000’s. Yes thousands. The companies will claim that to do there work you need to buy their special software. You can’t download it or buy it anywhere else, it has to come from them. And once again you will make back your money in no time. Yeah, sure you will. Just think of how fast you would make back that money if you flushed it down the toilet. Unlike some of these scams there are real work from home jobs for typists. They usually will not charge you to join. Just think about it. Why would you pay someone to let you work for them? Think about you going on a job interview, they tell you that you have the job, but they just need $300 and then you can start. Most of us would leave in a hurry. But for some reason reading it on paper seems to make sense for too many unwitting victims. I personally know more than 15 companies that hire typists and pay them to actually type. I filled out some applications and read the requirements for others. I was disappointed but pleasantly surprised to learn there were requirements and that I was turned down for the job. Most legitimate companies need workers who can type more than 60-80 wpm or even more kps (keys per second). As well as someone who actually has 2 years or more of experience usually as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Name compiler is scam #1 all over again. Instead of stuffing envelopes, you are sent materials, after you pay the fee of course, which will tell you to post the same ad you responded to all over the net in hopes of getting others to sign up. Your just spamming others and that’s it. No companies pay for a compiler anymore because it can be done electronically now, so theres no need for a compiler/typist for this sort of job.

The worst is the claim or payment processor. What they will have you do is not just unethical but it’s usually an illegal operation they pull innocent people into. Most won’t even know it until it’s too late. This scam works on many levels. If you answer the ad through email they can put malware on your computer steal your identity and sell it on the black market. You will be lured into thinking you are processing claims for a legitimate foreign company and will receive %20 or more commission on each payment processed. You then have to wire the money from your bank, western union or money gram. You are actually handling counterfiet money orders and/or check. You will have a lot to process as they need you to send as many as possible quickly before the bank or police find out and stop it. You are working for them, but your actually laundering money and all you will end up with is being an unwitting victim of a very big crime. With the criminals overseas you will be left holding the bag. There was a story about a woman who is facing charges on a similar scam. The twist? She is the victim. I feel that since the prosecutors can’t get the real criminals well, she’s taking the blame. She will more than likely go to jail because of scam.

4. Work At Home Lists

You only need to think about work at home opportunities and you will find a whole lot of scams coming up trying to sell you a list. Don’t do it. There are many places that post legitimate work at home jobs. Try work at home mom forums. Introduce yourself, meet people like you, who will be happy to point you toward the right direction. These lists are usually crap. You pay and IF they send you anything or send you to members room, all you will be most likely to find are out of date or broken links from companies no longer hiring. Everyone would like to work from home. When there posted in places for free people rush towards them, so how long do you think it is before the company has got the people they want and isn’t looking anymore?

5. Pyramid Schemes

The pyramid scheme or “matrix" is one of the oldest scams and against the law around most of the WORLD. A new variation is now on ebay. I’ve seen them all over. You type in ipod and thousands of listings come up. You will however notice some selling very cheaply, say $40. When you read up on it, you are told not to bid but go to this website or email the seller and find out how to get an ipod or playstation cheap or even free if you purchase things like mp3’s or ebooks from the site. You will usually see a list of names on a page. These are all people like you who have signed up for this “great deal". You add your name to the list and your on the bottom of that list. You make purchases and get your name moved up. You can also move up faster if you recruit other people to sign up and purchase or sign up others, and on and on it goes. When your name gets to the top of the list, you usually will get the ipod, playstation, cellphone or whatever else it is that you signed up for. Now some do get the item. But this is still a pyramid scheme and many won’t even get the items they purchased or the free item they signed up for.

Written by Marsha James

Please feel free to add my article to your website, forum, blog, newsletters and other ventures if you leave it in full format. If used in a newsletter please send it to me that I may view where my work is going. Thank You.


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