The Top Ten Worst Work at Home Scams Part 2


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6. Make Lots of Money Taking Surveys

You probably get one of these in your email a week. Sign up for free or for a few of them a fee, and you will soon earn a steady income just filling out surveys. It is true that people used to make money doing this. Not enough to quit there jobs and pay there bills but $30-$100 or more a month. With the influx of people surfing the internet trying to get a buck anywhere they can, this is no longer the case. If it were that easy to make money everyone would quit there jobs and do it and companies wouldn’t be making much money. The sites are still there, but now most of them put you in a raffle to earn “cool stuff" not money. Other’s will put you in a raffle to some money. But what are the chances of you winning. And what are the chances of you winning more than once a year? That is not steady income. The ones that do say they will pay you, up up $30 or more for a survey, leave something out. You will sit and wait for that email telling you that you have a survey, but you more than likely will never get one. Or even better you get one, and after filling out 3 or 4 questions such as age, sex, location, and yearly salary, you will quickly find out your not what there looking for. Other’s will slam your email with surveys that pay 10 cents if your lucky. At the end if you can get even $20 a month on surveys then your still stuck, because many will only mail out checks of $25-$100 dollars, so it would be months before you get the money, IF you get it at all.

7. Customer Service

There are companies out there who you will apply free to work for them as a customer service rep, from your home. It seems legitimate because you didn’t have to pay a fee, the website looks professional, which it usually is and you’ll be earning an income and you don’t have to sell anything. The fine print is, you have just applied to be a telemarketer. I myself just last year read over the entire site and in the end all the information and FAQ informed me that I would be making no cold calls, or outgoing calls. I would be taking incoming calls from people who are customers. That much was true. However the last phone call between me and my representative/manager I am informed that I will need to pay $29.99 a month for the phone fees and but I’ll make it back with my commissions. Fee and commissions all in the same sentence about a job that wasn’t telemarketing. Yes I would be receiving calls from customers, and I would be getting a salary but what you don’t find out til you apply and are accepted is that you will be making maybe $2.00/hr if your lucky and you will be trying to get a bigger income by pushing extra products on there customers who are calling for help. You also don’t know that when the customer calls and goes down the line of being transferred to you, they are already inundated with so many product ads from other phones workers and automated wait commercials that they will be cursing a blue streak at you, and good luck making an income. There are actually a handful of companies online who are hiring customer service reps. But just like the true typist jobs, many want someone with experience. They don’t want someone who can’t take care of their customer. And there are others who will train you if you have no experience but are someone they are looking for. There are a few, but it’s hard finding them amid all the telephone job scams out there.

8. The Instant Online Business

You pay a sometimes huge fee and you can be making money in minutes. Or so they claim. Many of these sites are just selling you an ebook “telling" you how to start your own no fail work at home business. The website is filled with pictures of people on the beach, and yacht’s having fun. There are the testimonials from people who they say already bought the book and made so much money in a short time. All you need to do is press the x on your browser and get off that site. The only person who is going to make money is the one selling that expensive ebook. There are books out there with real information that will help you. But people have to remember that the internet is big and most of these sites are selling what you can find for free other places. Plus starting an internet business is not easy and it’s not quick. For some it took years before they really started earning an income that allowed them to live comfortably. For others they had to quit after losing hundred’s of thousands of dollars. Online business creation companies will make you a website and tell you your good to go. You only have one problem, it’s not hard to create a website, there are billions of them. The biggest problem of any internet business is getting traffic and sales. Neither happen overnight even with the best website and product.

9. Medical Transcriptionist/Medical Billing

There are ads all over from the hundred’s that come up in search engines to the dozens that are emailed to you on any given month.

10. Craft Assembly

Even as I was doing research for this article I came across a message board where many people were responding to an ad that went like this:

"Work from home, no experience necessary. Make over $3000 a month. " Medical transcription is actually a legitmate business but it takes a lot of hard work to get it going. The ads will tell you how easy it is. You pay them and mostly get a floppy disk or papers and that’s it. All you find out is that you need to call doctor’s offices to see if any of them will hire you. The fees are usually outrageous as well anywhere from $300 to well over $1000 for there “software" and just like the data entry, it’s the only thing you can use. There are real places hiring transcriptionists online, however the no experience rule you see some advertise is a good indicator that they are a scam. You need experience, you need to know all of the coding and medical language. Would you want someone typing up your file who doesn’t understand what there typing, and make key mistakes that could endanger your life? It should also be noted that the scammers have also extended the scam by creating “schools", for you to pay them and get a degree by doing a home course which is actually not a real certificate. To become a real certified Medical Transcriptionist you need to go to American Association for Medical Transcription and read all about the Medical Transcription Certification Program (MTCP). Work At Home! Make Crafts For cash! Are you looking to work from home doing assembly, crafts, sewing or making jewelry, and getting paid for it? Start earning money from home today!" I was so very disturbed to see over 50 people giving out there emails while begging for more information on this. Stay away from it unless you have done the work of really checking a company out and even then I would pass, because there are simply only a handful that are legitimate and I have NEVER even stumbled across them as of yet.

Craft Assemly, I saved the worst for last because the ones who run these ads online and offline, are right at the bottom of the scum bucket. There are 3 types of scammers for this one.

Crappy Materials – With all 3 types of companies it is usually the same.

Type1 sends out an ad. You respond to the ad and they want money from you, but don’t worry it’s “refundable". The amount of money is many times over a $1000, and they will tell you it’s to weed out the people who aren’t serious as well as to cover the cost of the materials. You will need to get expensive equipment such as a sewing machine or a machine to make signs. You of course have to get everything from their company because they need to make sure that you are using only the finest materials and equipment. You get the package and the materials are crap to say the least, the instructions are hardly understandable and you are left struggling to up together the dolls, aprons, crafts and other items. Your only problem is many of these so called “companies" are a P. O. Box which the owners have closed up and moved on. You are left with products that you will probably toss or have to sell yourself. End result all they were selling were the machines, that’s where these people make there money from, not the “crafts" they want you to build.

Type 2 is the same except you send them in the products and they tell you that the product is not up to there standards. They are right, after all with the shoddy materials they sent who can make a quality item? Congradulations, they have your money and that’s about it. End result, they too have your money from the products you “had" to buy only from them.

Type 3 well, they are simply the worst of this little trinity. Everything goes the same as type 1 except that they might actually send good materials. You send back the finished product and you get a response saying that the product isn’t up to there standards. Unlike Type 2, the product is usually good and they sell it, while they make you think they tossed it in the garbage because it was just so awful. They have the money from the machines and your crafts and you get the unpleasant experience of being scammed.

There they are for now. Unfortunately there are so many scams out there that was only the tip of the iceberg. The best advice I can give is to use common sense. If someone is telling you that you will make $10,000 a month, shut the door in there face, close the webpage, or hang up on them. Also be very wary of an ad that promises a lot but gives you virtually no information on what you are supposed to be doing.

Written by Marsha James

Please feel free to add my article to your website, forum, blog, newsletters and other ventures if you leave it in full format. If used in a newsletter please send it to me that I may view where my work is going. Thank You.


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