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Keeping Your Boss Happy

Melvin Polatnick

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If your boss is constantly giving you a dirty look, you have a problem, and you must get it solved before u get fired. Your first task is to establish a positive report, and that will take more than a polite smile. The common sense way to build a positive rapport with your boss is by first finding out what your boss expects of you. If you understand those expectations there is a good chance that you can meet them through a focused effort.

Do you job, and, do you job well, you will see the dirty look on the bosses face turn to a smile. . But you must remember that the needs of any boss can change as the business climate does, and the good rapport you once had with your boss might have to be re-established, it is again that you have to find out what is expected of you as an employee, and if you can meet those new expectations you can keep the job.

The function of a boss is a mechanical one, and a well run concern has parts like a clock; its parts are its boss and its employees. The best way to get along with your boss is by doing your job well, and trying to be in synchronization with all the parts of the company. Trying to establish a good rapport with your boss when you are not doing your job is a wasted effort. Unless the boss is in love with you, it is a must that you do your work. If you won’t-you better be looking for a new job.

If you are the type of a person that is never good at any work that you do, you are not alone. There are many workers that are either slow to learn, or plain clumsy. If you fit that description there is still hope for you. If the boss is not satisfied with your work and is continually giving you dirty looks, ask for a moment of time where you two can be alone. Explain to you boss how difficult it is for you to do the work, and that you are willing to take a cut in pay in order to keep the job. Most bosses will appreciate your concern for his needs and will make a proper adjustment.

Never try to hold a job that is beyond your capabilities, you not only will make yourself unhappy, but also your superiors. Find a new job, one that you can handle, you will again be smiling and so will the boss.

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