Two Simple Steps to a Successful Interview

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When it comes to achieving success in a job interview, there are two big steps to make: you need to practice the interview technique and research the company you hope will employ you. Take both steps and achieve interview success.


It's an age-old adage: practice makes perfect. And it applies to job interviews. There are two ways of practicing for an interview. One way is to simply go to as many job interviews as you can. The more times you go through the terror of a job interview, the better you'll get in the end. Better yet, you'll also be able to seek feedback on your job interview performance.

Another way to practice is to get a friend role-play with you. Your friend can prepare a list of questions to ask you and you can practice answering them. A good way to check on your progress is to record your interviews on video and watch them later noting your body language and your fluency in answering your friend's questions.


Research is vital. The type of research you should perform before your interview should offer you vital information in preparing your answers, knowing what to expect from the interview and the job, and getting to your interview on time.

When conducting your research use all the information available to you. Begin with the Internet, use libraries, browse periodicals. Also speak with other people in the industry, who may know something about the company, or people who have actually worked for the company you are targeting. All of this information will come in handy when answering questions. You'll need to cite examples that are relevant to the company's needs and interests. By exhibiting a thorough knowledge of the company's market, client and product base, as well as its future goals, you'll be better able to answer questions well and impress your interviewers.

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