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Applicant tracking systems are either an human resource manager best friend or worst enemy. Either a company's applicant tracking systems identify the best prospects BEFORE they join another company or not. Effective applicant tracking systems like time in a bottle enable HR managers to interview the best candidates. Ineffective applicant tracking systems cause a “bottleneck" that lets excellent job candidates slip through the system.

Hosted Solution - Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems and hosted solutions are a logical combination. While a company may install, debug, upgrade and program its own applicant tracking systems, the question is why? For companies in a niche employment market, it may make sense because the cost per employee of their applicant tracking systems is low. For example, a company reviewing say twenty resumes per hire. The cost of missing the one in a thousand employee of course is HUGE. Hosted applicant tracking systems are more likely to uncover the one in a thousand employee as well better average workers than as company’s own applicant tracking systems.

Search & Data Mining - Applicant Tracking Systems

A day late and a dollar short in the HR department can cost a company dearly. In some companies, just a few people review job applicants. Then there are holding companies in which many people mine the HR database for positions with related divisions in the group. The economy of scale offered by the joint applicant tracking systems reduces the overall employee acquisition cost for individual companies and the holding group.

Interview Sharing - Applicant Tracking Systems

How many employees are hired without a job interview at your company? Not many, that's for sure. Effective applicant tracking systems recycle good job applicants back to the company's database with added comments for other managers to review. Their comments may disqualify the applicant for a position, saving time spent and an additional needless interview. On the other hand, the comments may uncover the perfect candidate in a hard to fill position before they find a job with a different company.

Employee Satisfaction - Applicant Tracking Systems

Sometimes it seems companies are insensitive to potential employees. The hiring process is stressful for job seekers shuffled from person to person, concerned by salary and job benefits. Effective applicant tracking systems accelerate the hiring process and promote long term employee satisfaction. Also, happy employees refer their friends saving time and money in the long run.

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