Establishing Basic Needs At Work

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Work Environment Factors

Salary and Benefits - These include basic income, fringe benefits, bonuses, holidays, company car, and similar items.

Working Condition - These conditions include working hours, workplace layout, facilities, and equipment provided for the job.

Company Policy - The company policy is the rules and regulations - formal and informal - that govern employers and employees.

Status - A person's status is determined by their rank, authority, and relationship to others, reflecting a level of acceptance.

Job Security - This is the degree of confidence that the employee has regarding continued employment in an organization.

Supervision And Autonomy - This factor concerns the extent of control that an individual has over the content and execution of a job.

Office Life - This is the Level and type of interpersonal relations within the individual's working environment.

Personal Life - An individual's personal life is the time spent on family, friends, and interests - restricted by time spent at work.

Points To Remember

The effects of getting hygiene factors right are only temporary.

The results of getting hygiene factors wrong can cause long lasting problems

The more choice people can exercise over both hygiene factors and motivators, the better motivated they will be.

Job insecurity undermines motivation at all levels.

Recognizing good work is as important as rewarding it.

D) Ensuring Motivation

The second of Hertzberg’s two factors is a set of “motivators" that actually drive people to achieve. These are what a manager should aim to provide in order to maintain a satisfied workforce. How much a person enjoys achievement depends purely on its recognition. The ability to achieve, in turn, rests on having an enjoyable job and responsibility. The greater that responsibility, the more the individual can feel the satisfaction of advancement. Motivators are built around obtaining growth and “self-actualization" from tasks. You can raise motivation in your staff by increasing their responsibility, thereby “enriching" their jobs.

Manik Thapar (MBA)


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