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In the highly professional and business world that you are in, you are constantly called upon to hone your professional skills and attitude. All too often, there is a mismatch between what job you seek and what you ultimately get. In other cases, it is the problem of losing interest and shuffling many jobs to ‘land’ up with the right one.

With the increasingly complex business environment and the highly competitive atmosphere, have brought in its wake, the absolute need for qualified workers for any business to succeed. A thorough understanding of the skill sets that you possess and the direction in which you want to deploy your skills and mental abilities can enlighten you in identifying the most appropriate and desired job. In order to make a correct self-appraisal, you need to look deeper into you ultimate goals, ambitions and your innate abilities and skills. Once you have made a complete analysis along these lines, you can easily know and secure such a ‘dream’ job, with consummate ease.

To begin with, you need to make an objective evaluation of all the skills and abilities that you possess. Every minute aspect of your inner capacities and skills must be studied in detail. For e. g. , you might be a rather successful sales manager or executive, but there could be a deep longing and ability in you to design jewelry. Your parents may have objected to your taking up designing jewelry and consequently you may have suppressed this desire, never giving it the fullest expression. Knowing your true and deepest desires will help you to understand your innermost wants and abilities.

You will know your areas of weakness and strengths by assessing your ambitions and goals and evaluating your current level of skills and attitudes. You will then have to identify those areas where you need to sharpen your skills by way of more training or specialized studies or whatever, so you can achieve your goals and ambitions. Next, you can explore whether your current job can provide you those opportunities; if not, you could start looking for them.

Mind Map is a great tool for giving form and structure to your innermost goals and desires. You can graphically represent all the skills and abilities in your scale and weigh them against your ultimate goals and ambitions that you wish to achieve. Mind Maps serve as high points for exploring your innermost layers of thoughts and desires. By recognizing those areas for functional improvement and excellence, you will have a clear idea of where to usefully spend your resources and time.

Mind Maps help you to understand your inner personality and align your mental and physical resources along those lines. They help you to see the association between several aspects of your self and the working life, and provide a road map for achieving your ultimate ambitions. They light up your path to help you realize your full potential in the easiest and comprehensive way possible.

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Dr. Vj Mariaraj is a Mind Map enthusiast and has been using Mind Maps for the past twelve years. He has created over 5650 Mind Maps. To learn more about mind mapping send an email to . He is the founder of that creates Mind Map Summaries of Businees Books. To learn more visit


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