New Year Resolutions For Your Career

Carl Mueller

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New Years resolutions are a popular way to plan for the upcoming year and to make improvements in our lives.

Whether or not we actually follow through on them is another story of course.

Here are several New Years Resolutions for your career that should ensure you get the year started on the right track.

Dust off your resume.

I always suggest keeping your resume up to date in case you need to make quick use of it by applying for a job that suddenly arises that you are interested in. Ideally you want to have an updated resume ready to go that simply requires tweaking for the specific job rather than having to do a complete rewrite and still meet the job application deadline.

Think of one skill that you’d like to improve in the New Year and figure out your plan to achieve it.

Perhaps you want to improve your presentation skills by taking a presentation skills training course. Maybe you want to improve your networking skills and meet new people who can positively influence your career. You might want to learn a second language for personal or business reasons. Think of a skill that you’d like to work on and then decide how to go about improving it.

Stop using your work email address to forward chain emails.

Don’t gain a reputation for someone who wastes your time and other people’s time by forwarding those silly chain emails with your work email address. With more companies monitoring emails that are sent and received on their servers, don’t give your employer written proof that you are a slacker.

Join a gym.

Or start taking part in some other athletic activity to ensure that you pay proper attention to your health. Certainly, taking time out for athletic endeavours can help to keep your mind and body fresh and can provide a nice outlet for stress, too. Plus you can work off all the food you ate during the holidays!

Whatever you do, think of a few New Years resolutions for your career and see them through to completion. Start with an easy one and then work on the more difficult ones.

Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter who wants to help you find your dream career.

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New Resolutions Are Not Just For New Year!
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