Freelancers: Your Job Away From Job

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Freelancers are just like mercenaries. They find a job to do; they do it without question; they get their pay and leave through the front door.

Freelancers do not have to like the people they work for, nor do they have to abide by the organization’s politics. All they have to do is take the job, finish it according to specifications, and repeat the process over and over again.

Freelancing isn’t a very appealing premise to some people. For one, there is no job security. If the freelancer is unable to find jobs to do, he goes hungry. Another point would be that freelancers get no benefits such as dental plans, insurance, and others. Also, without a prior employer to vouch for you, applying for real jobs gets harder as time passes by.

So why freelance? Because, for all its negative sides, some people still get a good piece of the pie.

Freelancing allows you to work on your own schedule on a commission basis. How much money you earn depends on how industrious and driven you are. In some instances, freelancers, make more money than salaried workers. Plus being in charge of your own schedule makes relieves some of the stress some salaried workers endure.

Employers hire freelancers to do some of their jobs because in some instances, the need to have a particular job done comes only once in a while. Hiring a salaried worker to do these jobs would be impractical.

Also, the employer gets to pick among a crop of talent which one has the right material for a certain job he needs. Having more options can be advantageous.

There are a multitude of jobs that can be freelanced: writers, photographers, programmers, technicians, designers, and others. Some of those who offer their services as freelancers are hobbyists – people who have too much time on their hands and talent in a field that could earn money.

Should You Freelance?

Freelancing is not for the faint of heart. If you are not assertive and do not have the persistence to finish outsourced jobs, you should just turn back and find a stable paying job.

Freelancing is also for the adventurous who are willing to take risks on uncertain seas. When hard times fall upon them because of such, they will have expected it and be able to survive in spite of it.

Freelancing intrigues some people because as they are, they won’t easily be able to land salaried jobs.

Take for instance the mother who has to care for a child. She may not be able to land a job because of her responsibilities at home. But she might have some spare time during the evening when the children sleep. She is a candidate for freelancership.

Students who wish to augment their income may also do the same, as with salaried workers who have lots of spare time.

Tips and Techniques for the Mercenary

Make use of all information gathering means possible. The internet has made browsing for and applying for freelance jobs ten times easier. Even the payment option can be done online through online payment systems such as PayPal and Western Union.

Be prepared to advertise yourself. You won’t get many employers if you shirk from telling them what you can do.

Try, Try and Try Again

Don’t let every little obstacle discourage you. But then again, you should also assess your situation realistically.

Put It on the Side

If you can have a salaried job while freelancing, that would be good. Your aim here will simply be to augment your salary and not depend on your freelance cache totally.

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