Mentoring: The Benefits of Being A Mentor

Carl Mueller

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Mentoring is a great way to give back to your industry and to help a less-experienced person in your field at the same time.

It simply refers to providing advice and counsel to this person and helping them with their career.

Becoming a mentor is satisfying because the person you are helping is letting you know that you are someone they admire and hold in high regard.

It’s also a great way for you to grow professionally.

You might be able to help a less experienced person in your industry not only answer the same questions you had when you were in their position, you might help them avoid some of the mistakes you made as well.

Plus, it can also assist in your own career. When the person you are mentoring asks questions and causes you think about the answers you give them, it can help you reflect on where you are in your own career and what areas you need to improve upon.

If you believe in karma then perhaps doing a good deed such as being a mentor will end up benefiting you as well. Not that you should expect to get something back by being a mentor but you could benefit from it too.

Mentoring is really an endorsement for you because it says that someone looks up to you and views you as someone they can learn from. If you look at the opportunity the right way, you can learn from being a mentor as well.

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