Bad Boss: Do You Have An Incompetent Manager?

Carl Mueller

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Working for a bad boss can be an ongoing problem especially if it starts to affect your not only your work life but your personal life, too.

Certainly, the most drastic measure you could take to rid yourself of a bad boss would be to get a new job but luckily there are other options you might consider before taking this route.

Here are some things you should consider before taking any action:

    1. Keep doing your job and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Remain professional and don’t do or say anything you may later regret.

    2. Document your work and any positive comments others in the company have made about you in case you ever need to refer to examples of your track record with the company should the need arise ie. if you get fired and your boss blames you for the problem(s).

    3. Remember that when you start talking to others in the company about the problems you have with your boss, your comments could end up reaching your boss and causing even more trouble.

    4. Depending on the actual problem with your boss, you might consider speaking with them directly about it as they may not even be aware it is a problem. First, make sure the problem is real and that you’re doing everything you could be doing so that your boss can’t put the problem back in your lap.

    5. Consider approaching a member of Human Resources to confidentially discuss the problem. If the treatment you are receiving is illegal (ie. harassment) you might consult directly with a labor lawyer especially if you don’t feel comfortable going to HR.

    6. Find examples (ie. on Internet career websites, from labor organizations) that specify options for handling your specific problem. Dealing with a mean manager would be quite different from dealing with a manager who doesn’t delegate properly so look for examples of similar situations that other people have faced and how they handled it.

    7. Going above your manager’s head and speaking with someone above them (ie. their manager) is probably not a good idea especially if it gets back to your boss that you did this.

    8. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to transfer somewhere else within the company and short of that, look to see what jobs are available outside the company just in case it comes to this.

Although you will ideally reach a positive conclusion without having to change jobs, sometimes this is just not possible.

At the end of the day, no job is worth keeping if you have a bad boss who is making your life hell and if it appears they aren’t going to change or leave the company.

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