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It's near Christmas, and many companies throw parties for their employees. This is a critical time of image management, even though most think it's time to let loose and party. Here are some tips:

1. Don't drink until you puke - this seems obvious, but in almost every party someone always gets intoxicated to the point where the person embarrasses him/herself. Funny behaviour such as swearing, loud talking, taking off clothes, puking. . . they happen because of drinking. If you limit your intake, you'll limit embarrassing behaviour and your chance of getting fired. Limit yourself to a couple of beers, or a glass of wine. Many companies give out taxi chips - use them and go home safely if you're tipsy.

2. Wear appropriate attire - many women like to wear plunging necklines and other sexy pieces in company parties, just because it's party time. Don't forget, it's “company" party time, not any wild party time. Wear clothing that's more tamed. Play up the colours, not cleavages. Classy and elegance are always in. This way you will not be the talk of the company afterwards.

3. Gift exchange - someone has told me he always gets shafted whenever there's a gift exchange. He takes the effort to buy a $10 gift, but usually others are not as thoughtful. You don't have to spend the limit that is suggested, but do get an item that you know people will general like and use. A box of chocolate/cookies/mixed nuts is always good. Same with a plant. Please don't dig out trash from your home and repackage it into a gift. Stay away from dollar store items, because they are very obviously “dollar store" like.

4. Potluck time - a person working part time at a well known company told me that the salaried full time staff “competed" to bring the cheapest items - such as forks, knives, and napkins, and left all the expensive items such as appetizers and main courses for the lower paid part time people to sign up for. Please, think about those who are earning less in your company, and pick the potluck items according to your means. Otherwise you'll just show your worst self - cheap!

5. Arrive on time and leave on time - too many people think it's good to be “fashionably late" for parties. Well, there is nothing fashionable about it. Sometimes people politely wait for these latecomers. This is a company party, not a club. Show up on time, because people do not like to linger all night long. And do leave the party at a decent time - think about those employees who have to stay in to close up the place. Be courteous to them.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Noelle Wong sees and unveils beauty in people. She is the owner of iN-IMAGE! Inc. , a personal image consulting company in Toronto, Canada that offers one-on-one consultations and workshops to help people increase their personal presence. For more information visit her website: and her blog: http//


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