Medical Transcriptionist - Are They Really In Demand?


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The answer is an absolute “yes. " But why is there a demand for medical transcriptionists? The answer to that question lies in social trends and the needs of those tending our aging population.

There's no doubt that most people around the world are living longer, healthier lives. That's due in part to lifestyle changes. People simply realize the benefits of eating right, getting proper exercise and paying attention to their physical and emotional needs. The other reason for the longevity can be attributed to incredible strides in the health care industry. There are more health care options than ever; making it possible for more people to afford the health care they need in order to stay healthy. At the same time, researchers are finding new drugs, new treatments and better options for those who have health problems. Diseases that were terminal only a few decades ago are now nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

The boom in the health care industry has created many new jobs, including a demand for medical transcriptionists. Think the person who transcribes the records isn't that important? Consider this scenario. A person goes to his family doctor for a nagging cough. The doctor finds something suspicious and the person is referred on to a series of specialists before finding himself in the hospital facing surgery.

The family physician at the beginning of this process knows that the patient is allergic to penicillin, but that fact may very well never come to light until the patient has been given a lethal dose of the drug - but for the work of the medical records that have accompanied this patient throughout his travels to the various doctors. Each doctor along the way gathered new information and that was all conveyed to the next doctor by way of the medical notes - which were all transcribed by a trained professional.

The time these doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other health care providers spend at their jobs is typically spent helping their patients. The days when a country doctor could make rounds and remember the ailments and particulars of all his cases are long gone. Several decades ago, someone came up with the idea of recording thoughts, treatments and all other relevant information from a patient's visit with his physician, then having that verbal information typed up - neatly, so that everyone could later read and understand. That brought about the need for these professionals that today carry a huge load for the health care industry.

The result is a demand for individuals who can accurately transcribe verbal notes. There are plenty of training opportunities and lots of technology to help you along the way, but it still takes a skilled person to listen and record exactly what's being conveyed.

There's no doubt that medical transcription isn't for everyone. There's no room for daydreaming and accuracy is a must. But there's also no doubt that this is an opportunity to be involved with the health care industry, and in a way that has definite appeal for many people. You may be one of those who would do well in this field.

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