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How do you prepare for an interview with a potential employer? When you ask people about it, often it is very surprising what they tell you. Theoretically, it would seem obvious: just think over the answers to all possible questions, prepare a story about yourself, have some information about the company-employer etc. In reality many people don’t prepare for an interview at all except for their appearance, hoping they do well. And of course they receive the deserved result – rejection. But if they prepare properly, the result could be totally different.

It sounds strange but some people that receive an interview invitation don’t find time to check on who actually invited them. Meanwhile, this information is very important. How can you go there if you don’t know where it is? First of all, this kind of attitude is not serious at all. You have to at least value yourself and your time. Also, there is a chance that you won’t find the company at all. Secondly, you should have at least the minimum information about the employer, especially, if it is a well-known company in the market: what are the main directions of the company, prospect, and plans? Answers to these questions can be found easily on the Internet. If you have information about the company you will feel more comfortable during the interview and the questions won’t confuse you.

Everyone who is looking for a job must understand one main thing: it is necessary to prepare for the interview. First of all, find some information on the Internet and read it. You will be able to find some useful resources that provide the common questions that employers like to ask. To tell you the truth, answering them without preparation can only be done by a very quick-witted person. “Tell me about yourself" is not the only question that an employer asks. By the way, the majority of personnel managers begin the interview with this question. You have to prepare and practice the answer at home. The answer must contain important information, the information that is related to the job, the information that shows your positive attitude about future position, your experience and skill to make effective decisions. . .

Besides that one, here is a list of standard questions that employers like to ask:

- Why you are looking for a new job?
- Why did you leave the previous job?
- What did you like/ dislike in your previous job?
- What are your qualities?
- What kind of mistakes did you make in your previous job?
- What are your professional achievements?
- Give me the reasons why we should hire you?
- Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

Answering questions, do not forget, that is not allowed to speak negatively about the previous employers, unconcernedly speak about work, etc. Do concentrate on the positive moments, mistakes should not be “shocking", your task is to show how quickly and successfully you solved them. Don’t give them abstruse answers but don’t be limited by cheap ones either. Be prepared and keep the interview under your control.

Preparing for the interview, it is necessary to think over all the possible questions that you need to ask them. When the candidate only nods his head, expressing silent understanding and consent, it doesn’t add points to his advantage. More likely, they would think that you don’t really care about the work, that you just need a job. Don’t expect that the employer will hire you.

There is always something to ask about the position or company. You can ask about responsibilities, salary, and the company’s culture. There are no unimportant things when you are looking for employment.

To learn more about the questions that can be asked on an interview visit

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How to Answer Tough Interview Questions During a Job Interview
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