Pros and Cons of Becoming A Nurse


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The truth is that if you are considering a career in the nursing field, this should be a decision based on conscious consideration of a variety of factors. First, you should know that nursing is not for everyone. You must be prepared to work hard. Nursing is both physically and emotionally challenging and draining. Actually, with the exception of a few areas, nurses provide care to those in need, almost around the clock 24 hours 7 days a week. Dividing their schedules into shifts of 8 or 12 hours, nurses work long hours standing, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Nursing is a profession focused on assisting the people in need of special type of treatments. The main goal of a successful nursing service is for the patient to attain and maintain an optimum level of health, while increasing his or her ability to function as independently as possible. In many cultures, nursing is considered to be something between a hard profession and a meaningful cause. Focusing on promoting life and improving the quality of living for million of people around the globe, nursing has evolved from the special care and treatment nuns and military services offered, to a high-quality personalized service in a variety of institutions. Nurses can be considered as the contemporary community support agents since they are an essential part of every society, conducting health education, counseling and performing practices that aim to relieve patients from pain and suffering. In short, since nursing involves altruistic behavior, is a profession that requires the interesting nursing candidate to dedicate time, personal effort and most of all, determination in caring for people's well-being.

In almost all countries, nursing practice is defined and governed by law, while for a interested individual to enter the profession, he or she has to successfully complete the necessary education which is regulated by national, state, or territorial boards of nursing. But, apart from the academic background one has to build, those interested in developing a nursing career, have to understand that they might be missing family events, and sometimes have to work late hours. In some fields nurses have to be on-call twenty-four hours a day. Not surprisingly, nurses have to deal with unhappy patients and be able to handle the demands of concerned family members. This can be easily understood, if you can remember which were the feeling you had the last time you had to stay in bed, even for a simple cold. Unhappy feelings and low self-esteem do not create a very promising environment for anyone to want to enter.

As nursing is the most diverse of all healthcare professions, nurses have to deal with blood, sputum, feces, urine, vomiting, and ugly smelly wounds. But nursing is a universally role appearing in some form in every culture and it is one of the few professions that focus on helping others in a time of need. Actually nursing is all about taking care of people and this is the main concentration during a typical day's work. As practitioners themselves have stated, “Nursing is about combining the art of caring with the science and technology of today's health care practices. "

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