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They say that life begins at 40 (whoever the proverbial ‘they’ are), and they’re right, it does. It begins to go downhill fast! That’s if you happen to find yourself unemployed in the 21st century at 40 plus. I found it a demoralizing nightmare looking for work because about 90% of my job applications didn’t even get replies. That’s diddly squat, zero, zilch. The thing that hurt the most was that there were plenty of vacancies around, but it appears they had already made their mind up on the age range. It’s not legal to specify age preference where I come from but it doesn’t mean employers are obliged to hire the experienced fossils.

After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided not to be defeated and change both my attitude and approach in looking for work. I realized that the medium for job search has changed a lot in recent times. We still have the employment agencies, the local rags, and of course word by mouth, which is still useful, but we’re in a different era now.

This is the age of the information super highway. There’s now the speed and efficiency of the virtual application form. I was doing it all wrong as I wrote letters, included a resume, licked the stamps and manually posted the application. I set myself up for the waiting game, the no-response, and the rejection. This is no longer how folks look for work and so the time had come to get with the times!

The great thing about applying for employment online is that it’s so easy to research and follow up your application. There’s more information on the job opening, and there are specific guidelines to follow when applying. I prepared an impressive resume on my PC and stored it in a folder I simply named ‘Employment’. I also created a standard cover letter along with few formal photos of myself.

The law of averages told me that if I applied for enough jobs online then something would hit the jackpot. It became great fun and very easy to apply for work over the internet. Each company website I applied through, I would save to my favorite’s folders so I didn’t lose the pages. I also created a simple tacking spreadsheet in MS Excel which was great for organising and making notes.

Sometimes I would apply for as many as 3 posts a day. Why not I thought? I have nothing to lose and the only cost to me is time, and that’s something the unemployed have plenty of. Once I was property setup, I had 30 applications out in that first month. Out of those 30 applications I got 28 replies, and 7 interviews. Out of those 7 interviews I got 2 offers, and out of those 2 offers I accepted 1 job.

It just goes to show that getting with the times and going with the flow is the only way forward when it comes to applying for work. Applying online also shows the employer that you have computer literacy skills, essential for today’s job market. Now that I’m up to speed with the how the working world has evolved, I’m no longer afraid of unemployment despite my age.

Gypsy Roberts is a proficient writer and webmaster for EnoughSearch dot com where he has articles on using an Online Doctor Search Tool and How to Find a Lawyer . He also has many other search related pieces on the site.


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