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Project Management Books You Really Should Take a Look At

Julie Lord

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A good project manager never stops learning whatever stage of their career. Each project that you take on will be different, and if you move from one company to another then work environments can be very varied as well. This means that keeping up with the latest skills and strategies is vital to keep yourself as on the ball as possible. There are some fantastic project management books out there, so whether you are at the beginning of your project management apprenticeship, or an experienced project manager you are sure to find something that will help you.

Of course, with so many books out there it is worth remembering this is just a very small selection of those available.

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

This is a great book for anyone just beginning on their project management career. If you buy one comprehensive, practical guide then consider this one. The author Scott Berkun has a career spanning over a decade working as a project manager for some of the big tech companies and the book uses his extensive experience. The book is easy to read and understand and gives plenty of technical hints and tips. A great read as you take your first steps on the project management path.

Scrum: The Art Of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time

This is a great read for teamwork. Scrum in the project management context of course refers to the way in which you think about the larger picture in a way that is both complex and responsive. This book has been put together to illustrate just how important the concept of a scrum can be in the project management sense, and how it can help you to improve both productivity and quality of work. If you are looking at how you should be collaborating better, then this is definitely the book you need.

Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress and Lead by Example

For any all-round book that can really help you keep on top of those project management skills this is a great book that you should certainly append a couple of hours with. Steve McClatchy sets out to explore how one of the biggest keys to productivity is the need to learn to be a very effective decision maker. This book will give you plenty of tips to help you feel more in control and less stressed as you make the steps to advance your career.

These books are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to project management literature and there are plenty more you should be looking into reading. Whatever the topic and whether you are at the beginning of your project management apprenticeship , or an experienced project manager you are looking for you are sure to be able to find a couple of books to really help you keep up to date with the latest thinking in the world of project management. This can go a long way towards propelling your career to the next level.


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