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Delmae Bower

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In Network Marketing so often you hear the word – Duplication. You must duplicate yourself. Well, I don’t know about you, but I do know it is impossible to ‘duplicate’ myself!

Have you had the same life experiences I’ve had? What about your education? Your skills? Is it possible to really duplicate that? NO of course not!

Yet this fallacy is so often taught that it really creates confusion as to what duplication really is.

Brand Yourself

You need to be a ‘Brand of One’. You are unique, your skills, your life experiences, your personality and your circle of influence.

Now, if you heard that little voice go off in your head saying things like “I’m not special” “there is nothing really unique about me” and all those other negative thoughts that flood through your mind. STOP! Now!

Stop and make a list right now, of all your successes you have had in life up to this point. How many special people do you have in your life? ‘They’ are your circle of influence. Those other success’s you’ve had are a result of your ‘unique’ talents and abilities. These things make up the ‘essence of you’ your unique ‘Brand of One’.

Then Market ‘That’ Brand

Instead of going out there and ‘marketing’ your ‘wonderful company’, ‘your wonderful products’ and ‘your wonderful comp plan’. (just hear me out before you throw me out the door!) Market ‘yourself’. How? Let’s take a look.

By ‘being’ known in your community, known in your circle of influence for the ‘Brand Of One’. If you are knowledgeable about a specific topic or for having a special ‘skill’, this in itself builds the ‘know, like and trust’ that is ‘essential’ for building your network marketing business.

Continue to ‘be’ the person you have always been, learning and growing as that person. So when the time is ‘right’ to share:

  • what you ‘found out’ in regard to a way to clear those long standing debts,
  • or a way for young mums to stay home and still earn an income,
  • or maybe you share a way for people to maintain their health and vitality so they can enjoy quality of life in retirement As you ‘share’, people will be ‘willing’ to ‘listen’ because you have built that ‘brand of one’.

Now for the ‘duplication’ – you duplicate and encourage each person to ‘be unique’ developing their own skills, talents and circle of influence. Then duplicate the ongoing use / consumption of products - finding two to four other people willing to continue ‘being’ themselves, using the products and finding two other unique individuals willing to do the same.

THAT is the ultimate in duplication.

Delmae Bower writes from Melbourne Australia and has 25 years experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing.


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