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Application of Hand-drawn Graffiti in Web Design

Jessica Lina

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Graffiti is drawing two small tufts of moustache for ancients in history book; Graffiti is brushing a gorgeous pattern on a blank wall; Graffiti is scanning line into a computer and then use the hand-painted panels in PS .

Hand painting is a technical approach used in industry's hand-drawn pattern. Hand painting of designing mainly refers to early conceptual design of research-type hand painting and designed part of the hand painting. The early parts are known as sketches, while the final parts are known as diagrams or effect diagrams. Hand painting is too wide-ranging to describe in words.

Once the application of hand painting is only limited to the early compositional sketch or line, while in the latter part of the production it will be completely wiped without any trace, what displays in front of us is the rigorous color and realistic 3D model. Over time, the trend of design tends to be very simple interface and the theme of emotional natural animals. The simplicity in the whole surprises people with exquisite details, realistic photo paired with hand-painted lines, and so on, which has quietly stand at the forefront of the design.

For the means and forms in environmental expression, the features and benefits decide the status and roles in design expression, the performance skills and methods are possessed with a natural artistic temperament. Therefore the expression of artistic beauty between reason and artistic freedom becomes a designer’s eternal and noble objectives. Performance skills and artistic style of the designers become mature in constantly accumulating and thinking in practice. Therefore, understanding and mastering of the ingenious method is the basis for the technique to become mature. Thus hand-painted image achieving the level of form and spirit is the highest level of art assigning environmental image with the spirit and life, and also the manifestation of artistic quality and value.

While in some company's official website, it was often seen that their products are adorned with hand-painted elements, this has not only highlighted the texture of the product itself in contrast, but also provided trust and intimacy with the assistance of hand-painted elements, making the entire display pages artistic and attractive.

Now all kinds of 2D,3D graphic interface and design software become more powerful, even beginners can easily make beautiful designs, then a variety of similar bright effects also give rise to the visual fatigue, making the designers more rational and focused. People are constantly seeking the balance between business demands, users, aesthetics and techniques.

Graffiti has come into everyone's life. Those warm lines are everywhere, from designing posters to make banner online . As young designers loving design, why not trying doodling a few strokes for your work, which is both fashionable and cultivating temperament?


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Achieve Goals Instead of Watching Graffiti
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