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How to Carry Out the E-mail Marketing on Mother's Day for Enterprises

Jessica Lina

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Sons and daughters will start to pick flowers, candy and other festive commemorative gifts for their mothers soon, many brands or gifts website also begin to plan e-mail marketing campaigns on Mother's Day. Although there is e-mail marketing on Mother's Day every year, there are still a large part of brands go into the wrong direction in the marketing campaign, the following are e-mail marketing tips on Mother's Day provided by an e-mail marketing service provider webpower:

1. Why we need e-mail marketing on Mother's Day?

The consumers’ psychological characteristics of following, impulsive, emotional determine the Mother's Day will bring a lot of traffic and sales opportunities. For the gift businesses that are suitable for mothers, the real and full excuse of e-mail marketing “mother" creates an excellent opportunity to engage with consumers.

2. Clear the purposes of e-mail marketing on Mother's Day

What purpose of your e-mail marketing on Mother's Day? Promoting new products, preference and promotion, increasing sales, establishing a good image of the brand and so on, we must first clear the purposes before carrying out the holiday e-mail marketing.

3. Balance the multi-channels VS specific activities for e-mail users

In the e-mail marketing on Mother's Day, we should make the Mother's Day marketing as a whole project for planning, whether it requires a combination of advertising, the on-site sale and other marketing tools for the promotion of multi-channel sales; or uses festivals to carry out the specific marketing activities of mail users. These need to be based on the actual situation of the businesses and the prediction of the costs and marketing effectiveness.

4. Make the products with the characteristics of the “Mother's Day"

A survey shows that among the messages sent on Mother's Day, about 1/3 come from the mother-centered brand message, which result in nearly half of the turnover. This shows that understanding what your brand can provide for your mother and enduing your products with the characteristics of the Mother's Day is very important. In general, the increased revenue of messages on Mother's Day is mainly from the flowers, candy and beauty products. If the brand does not use these products, then think of ways to endue your products with some of the characteristics of the Mother's Day, then use e-mails for promoting.

Of course there are many websites promoting their products for free, such as the online mothers day greeting cards makers. For most of the users, it’s surely a great choice. Price war also needs to be taken into consideration.


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