Personal Touch: Signing Your Work

Cathy Stucker

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I encourage customers to buy books directly from me by noting on my Web site that the books are personally signed by the author. Another author said that, although she didn't mean to offend, she didn't know why anyone would want my signature. After all, I'm not famous.

Well, I didn't take offense at her observation. In fact, I was a little surprised by the phenomenon, too. The fact is that I get a lot of feedback from customers about how much they like getting an autographed book. They respond to the personal touch. Maybe they are hoping that I will become famous (or infamous!) one day, and they will be able to sell the book on eBay for a huge profit. Or maybe they just like the connection to an almost-famous author.

Even if you don't sell books, you may be able to use this personal touch to reach more customers. Craftsmen, artists and designers often sign their work. Do you produce a product you could sign? Even if your business is installing air conditioners, would saying that “all of our installers sign their work, " be a powerful message to customers about the pride your installers put in to everything they do?

Putting your name to something means that you have pride in it. Backing that up with a signature adds a personal touch to which customers will respond.

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How to Give your Apartment a Personal Touch
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