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Maximize Brand Significance - 7 Ways to Increase Brand Recognition

Jan Verhoeff

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Of course you want the everything your customers see to remind them of you. But how can that happen? We don't always think of the same product for various needs, but we do often remember solution based products when we have a specific need.

How can that help you keep your product in front of the customer? If your product fulfills a need, gives your customer a solution, they will remember you. Here are some tips to keep your name in front of them:

>>> Use the same Brand on everything

Duplicate branding on everything you do, not only keeps your brand in front of the reader, but signifies unification of your product and method. You can use the same brand, the same name, the same logo on every product you produce, by simply using a ‘company name’ or ‘signature brand’ on each product.

>>> Make it memorable with HOT graphics

Brand your graphics on their memory with high impact graphics that capture attention and command their concentration. When they have to actually focus on your brand, you've got a better chance of implanting the brand on their minds. Simple brands that don't have a word in them are often the most effective. Think of specific symbols and how often they mean a brand name to you.

>>> Use sensual perception to IMPACT reader

Colors make you hungry, tired, or restless. Shapes give you specific responses. Using a red octagon shape as a basis for your graphic may be a bit too obvious, but what if you use all but one side and only outline the octagon with the name of your company coming out a diagonal line? Readers sense purpose and meaning in specific logos, make sure your logo says what you want it to say.

>>> Increase residual viewing with repetition

Repetitive lines increase viewing. For instance, if your name forms a shadow underneath and the reader catches the repeat, they've seen your name twice. Add an echo of your design with shadow imprinting for effective repetition of your logo, without overdoing the logo on your site or product.

>>> Implant redundancy with recognition

Recognized identities in your brand imply redundancy. If your logo hints at another famous logo or symbol, you may have an effective implanting device. Red, white, and blue signifies integrity. A globe implies world power. So if you combine red, white, and blue stripes with a graphic of a globe, you've got ethical world power. Your logo becomes a recognized symbol, redundant with meaning.

>>> Connect your Brand with Trigger Action

Icy blue implies chilling cold and triggers a behavioral response. By connecting your Brand with a trigger action that gets response, you've got half the battle won. Peach and orange signify hunger, so people return to restaurants that are painted peach or orange, because they remember that those places offered a solution (food) to their need (hunger).

>>> Concentrate on contrasts & simplicity

Visibility counts! When you're looking for a symbol, a logo, or an identifying brand, think simplicity. When my great grandfather chose the Bar-V Brand to stamp on his cattle, he knew that everyone would recognize those cattle as his. Not only were they longhorns with an unusual black and brown coloring, but their rumps wore the Bar-V Brand and it was stamped across the gate post in wrought iron. He used it over and over, and it was simple enough to make an impact.

Are you ready to be remembered?

Jan Verhoeff of will show you how to Brand your Market with high-impact logos that trigger thoughts of your product. Visit The Branding Iron for FREE Sizzle-Hot Brand Strategies.


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Brand Recognition - Effective Branding Iron Techniques for Business Success
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