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Logo Design- Salient Features of Logo Design


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A fundamental element of brand marketing is your logo design (also called a Trademark or commercial brand). It is an exclusive symbol or drawing that characterizes your company. It makes the economic entity more distinctive while offering you a large selection of colors, shapes, images and fonts. A doing well business and heaps of consumers start with an effective logo.

Design Elements of a Logo:

A Logo exists in all varieties of shapes and sizes. Lots of logos are text-based, for instance the logos of Microsoft and IBM. In this situation, a logo must have a characteristic text style (typography and font), color tone and illustration.

Nature of Color in Logos and the Black & White Logos:

Color is a significant element of visual arts and it plays an important role in visual representation of a company. However it is remarkable to find out that in this colorful era, black and white logo designs are more preferable in the mass culture.

Just take the example of the Entertainment logos that utilizes only black and white outclasses all the rest. This is because the nonappearance of extra colors does not puzzle and distract consumer notice and takes full advantage of instant readability and enhanced identification. For example, the Microsoft logo is quite popular in the world, yet its usefulness lies in the soft and simple effecting of its typography. The advertisements in newspapers are also a leading example of simplicity and attractiveness of black and white logo design.

Types of Black & White Logos:

There are two different types of black and white logo design Linear black and white logos and Grayscale (halftone) black and white logos. However each possesses its uniqueness and restrictions.

    Grayscale (halftone) Black and white logo is an edition that is made up of tones which are invented from varying sizes of black dots in sequence. This type is recommended for Black and white print reproduction, newspapers and resolution permitting.

Linear Black and white logo is an edition that is reproduced from solid black. This type has no half-tones or grays and is considered the finest type of logo recommended for a low-resolution reproduction such as FAX cover sheets and Check artwork.

Advantages of Black & White Logos:

Some of the Advantages of black and white logos are:

- It is cost effective and saves your money.

- It ensures maximum readability and attractiveness.

- It is necessary for office printing and trademark registration.

- It has no extra technical restrictions

Mary Rogers is an expert marketing writer with years of experience in Logo Design and Graphic Design. She is associated with Logo Design Guru®.


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