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Finding The Perfect Business Name Formula

Martin Thomas

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We have had a lot of interest from people loving this formula, so in this article we expand on “The Perfect Business Name Formula" You know deep down, that this simple word or group of words will to some extent and not to a small extent affect the possible success of your business. After studying many of the big names we had established a set of criteria for naming businesses. Get it wrong and all the work you do to build a business can be in vein. It is actually quite an important cornerstone for a business.

Generally, as a rule, the shorter the name the better, simply because it is more memorable. By intentionally making your corporate name short, you create immediate credibility. Surprisingly a new made up word is more effective than a descriptive word. A made up word can create iconic buzz and many companys have used this mechanism to become synonymous with a product or service. Take for example Kleenex. Most people don't say, pass me a soft white sanitary napkin that I can use to blow my nose. They say, pass me a kleenex and of course, kleenex is a brand name.

Another example of a made up word is Google. More and more, people don't say, do a search online, they say, google it. Can you imagine the market share you can steal, by just offering a made up name that eventually becomes synonymous with a product or service? The word of mouth factor is amazing. Each time someone utters your name and uses it as a replacement for the product you offer, they are ingraining it into the actual culture of society. This is how giant corporations are made!

So the formula is simple enough as all good things are!

Keep it short.

Make the word up, but keep an eye on how it sounds and whether it has some colloquial relevance to your product or service

Finally. . . Make sure it is fun to say. It must be palatable to pronounce!

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