Cal Worthington: World Champion Car Salesman

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In 1974 we left our college teaching life to return to industry so that we could support our children as they entered college. (I increased my salary substantially. ) We moved to Southern California and merged into the frantic culture in the town of Valencia near Magic Mountain.

In contrast to small town Iowa, Los Angeles television was a bit more exciting. Moe Howard was narrating Three Stooges episodes, an oriental-looking gentleman was always pushing Ginseng with the line, “Some say…”, and Cal Worthington was chanting, “If your looking for a car, go see Cal. If you want a car or truck, go see Cal. ”

Then he says that he will stand on his head if you buy a car, etc. Anyway, he had many stunts for those who watched his commercials. He would stand on his head, but he would also stand on the wing of a flying stunt plane.

His stunts often included animals and he was attacked by a bear and a tiger. Elephants were big (no pun here), as were giraffes, goats, pigs, leopards, and other animals. Like animals act on late-night television, you never knew what to expect.

Cal has been selling cars for a long time according to his website: There it says, “Cal Worthington has been in the car business for 52 years, and has probably sold more cars and trucks than anyone in the world. Throughout this entire period of time, he and his staff have dedicated themselves to fair and honest attempts to make sure you get the best possible deal. Cal's slogan has always been, “I'll stand on my head to beat anybody's deal, " and he's proved it time and time again. ”

For those of us that enjoy humor, Cal’s antics have been recorded. You can download them at:

There it says, “Welcome to My Dog Spot, the world wide home of the world's most beloved auto dealer and his faithful companions. For decades, Cal Worthington has been the true King of All Media with his unforgettable live television appearances from his first Southern California car lot to his late-night banter with Johnny Carson. And who could ever forget that jingle. . . Go See Cal, Go See Cal, Go See Cal!" (italics by author) To me, Cal Worthington was the Johnny Carson of automobile dealership commercials.

You will need video software to watch the video sketches but it can be downloaded free on the Internet. So go to: and have some fun!

One of my engineering managers met Cal Worthington and found him to be an honest straight-shooting man.

I add that he has a great Sense of Humor.

Have fun!

copyright©John T. Jones, Ph. D. 2005

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