Exposure: Name Recognition

Jan Verhoeff

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When you meet someone new, do they remember your name? Do you remember theirs?

Sometimes you do, but more often you don’t. But, the more often you meet that person, the more times you hear their name, the more likely you are to remember them, recognize their name, and know who they are the next time you see them.


Get out there. Put a smile on your face, introduce yourself, and expose yourself to people. In business, half the power of arriving is just in being “out there”. Marketing your product, marketing your services, or marketing yourself all includes the initialization of exposure.

Name Recognition

In order to get name recognition, your name has to be out there, publicized, and be remembered. The more your name is seen “out there”, the more recognizable it will be. Once your name is recognized, your options broaden, and the possibilities become endless.


When you meet people, give them a business card. Be prepared to tell them what you do. Give them a marketing spiel that brings them back to your card thinking, “Great, I’m going to call this guy!”

Ask about them, get their card, ask what they do, and note their information. Make a contact. Next day, give them a call, tell them you were glad you had an opportunity to get to know them, and ask if there’s anything you can do to help them meet their goals.


Your objective, as ever, is to make a sale. After you offer to help them, you get an idea of what they need that you might have. Provide it. Give them what they want. Meet the needs of your clients and they will be back.

Your business will expand. Profits will increase. And you, my friend, will have made a new friend.

Exposure: It’s the future of network market planning.

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The Power of Employee Recognition
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