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Church and Religious Logos – What Their Elements Say to People


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Religion is an age-old force that binds people together, unifying them into a group able to accomplish many great things. If unifying is a point of argument, then a unique and distinct logo design is one of the essential assets of churches and religions today, especially in this visually-oriented world.

Far from the usual business, big corporations or private practices, churches do not aim to amass profits and earnings. Instead, the primary goal is the real root of logo designs and group identity: attracting people. Only in this instance, churches seeks to draw in individuals towards religion and salvation. This character generates a certain common look, whether the group or cause should be a ministry, a church outreach group, a religious event or a child-oriented activity, they all employ a soft, caring and inviting persona.

Indeed, their culture has definitely defined the kind of logos that are excellent for their purpose. Certain characteristics have defined them and have been made as the basis for the emerging trends in logos in this field:

Soft, pastel colors are the template of choice, interspersed with gold to signify glory and exultation. Symbolic colors are also prevalent, like purple for Christ's sorrow, green for life or yellow for blessing. Logos for church and religions are usually uplifting because of their color choices, an advantage for drawing attention from lots of people.

Naturally, lots of symbol and images comes into play, whether they be the cross, a star or a glowing sun. These are instant identifiers for the company. Although some of them may be well-used in past logo designs and banners, they are still effective and attractive placed in the true hands of a good logo artist. Globes and continents usually describe the church's international missions and influence while chalices and flowing robes represents the sacred practices of the group. Here in logo for churches and religions is the field of logo making where symbols are more defined and presented, with a logo usually containing two or more symbolic elements.

Font Style.
Experts would say that formal font styles are the usual and best choices for church logos . One might agree in the best interests of readability and recognition but in all honesty, a great logo designer is able to fashion an excellent design using a wider array of font choices. The real object here is to match the inviting spirit of the font style and name to the images they are presented with.

Accompanying Texts and Slogans.
Most texts aside from the name are usually not present in most church logos as their name says it all. However, in these changing times calls for a bit more, a more personalized element in talking to people. Churches and religions are starting to get some slogans too. The best one to use is that which best represents the group, a set of carefully chosen words that describes the ministry in it entirety.

Religion and varying faiths of today all have to keep up with the modern times to serve and help the modern man. A refreshing and visually-attracting logo is a great help in making this task come true, unifying all in one name.

More information and details about how custom church logos are made here


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