The Secrets to Designing Your MOST Irresistible Offer

Liz Pabon

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Once it sunk in that she did not have to work hellish hours, she did not have to be chained to her office and she did not need to have her business run her - she could run her business - Jane felt hopeful.

With her SMART strategy in front of her, we were ready to rework her compelling offer. Read on as I take you through the same steps I took Jane through:

1. What Do They Yearn For?

Before you say to yourself ‘ugh, I already know that, ’ consider that before you can craft a compelling offer that makes your markets mouth water with delight you must very distinctly understand what they need.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the #1 greatest challenge your market faces?
  • What would they pay almost anything for to solve (as it relates to your business)?
  • What needs do they have that are NOT being offered by your closest competitor? (this one is the magic bullet folks)

In Jane's case, we determined she needed to reposition her brand to an entirely new audience. An audience she hadn't worked with nor marketed to in the past.

Researching your market prior to crafting your offer, investing time, energy and effort in marketing that offer will save you from finding your nifty proposition doesn't address a pressing need.

Far too many businesses assume they know what their market wants and learn a costly lesson when no one bites.


The offer didn't speak to their audience either because it wasn't a value to them or someone else is already making the same offer. Don't fall into the assumption trap!

2. Who Has Their Attention?

Think there is no one you compete with? Guess again!

Let me be clear here, competition is a good thing. Most people prefer to make informed choices. This means having someone else that does what you do prancing around in your market can benefit you. However, you must understand how to make their presence work to your benefit.

There were a number of ‘Life Coaches’ in Jane's area. It wasn't until she got very clear on what other life coaches were promising (what they offered) that she was able to identify a need no one was talking about.

What she knew about the market she served was that they were drowning in their own past and because of this were unable to move forward in their lives. As Jane did some competitive analysis by visiting websites, getting on her competitions mailing list, she noticed this issue wasn't being addressed fully.

This gap was Jane's golden opportunity.

Because Jane is now appealing to a new audience, she must determine if her previous offer matters to this audience. If it does not, she'll need to identify what they need or want and tweak her offer to resonate with them.

3. Meet Them Where They're At!

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Jane's new audience had the same need (a universal one it seems) as her previous audience. The competitive analysis revealed that Jane's area of expertise was wide open.

What if it wasn't wide open and already being offered you wonder?

Jane would have needed to identify a unique element to her process and/or philosophy that would appeal to her market and still position her as an expert in their eyes.

After determining that her offer would in fact appeal to her new market, Jane began the process of adjusting her language. In other words, the key words, and other copy that worked so beautifully for her before would need modifying. While her offer is compelling, she now needs to repackage the offer to connect meaningfully with her new audience.

So ask yourself, what's your offer? Is it ordinary or extraordinary? Does it make your market stand up and take notice?

Designing a compelling offer insists that you:

  • Understand your audience intimately
  • Know what matters to them most
  • Are very clear how to speak to them in a way that gets their attention

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