Branding in Corporate Website Development

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Your website must serve as the mirror that reflects your company’s corporate identity. The principles it stands for, its products and services, its achievements and its unique features — things that differentiate your company from your competitors. A strong corporate identity is the pillar to building a powerful brand image. This is very important especially for corporate website development.

Website designers and webmasters strive to create webpages that are attractive, interactive, relevant, and user-friendly. Web pages reflect your organization's business identity. The design, color, and content enhance your brand equity, attract higher traffic, and generate sales. In short, bring in cash flow.

Professional website developers such as Orient InfoSolutions offer cutting edge web site development and promotion services are customized for developing brand websites that are based on an idea, concept or theme — something that captures your customer's attention instantly.

A good name is catchy and easy to remember. Ideally, your domain name should capture the essence of your business. One should decide on an appropriate domain name after intensive research that would best reflect your product or service.

There is more to identity than just a well-designed logo. A logo is your stamp of authority. Creating a logo that captures visitor attention, reflects your corporate philosophy or brand image and helps you stand out from the competition is an important part of internet branding. This should be followed by choosing a unique, powerful and memorable motto for your business.

Blending your company's identity into your website builds customer trust. The company's brand equity can be woven into every web page of your website with strategic placement of the logo.

Homepage development is an art in itself for it must reflect the image your company is trying to project, whether it is the company philosophy, e-business or e-training.

Professional website developers such as Orient InfoSolutions follow a well-defined set of guidelines as part of their website development checklist. These focus areas are important even when you are thinking of website redevelopment.

Web development is an elaborate process. The basic outline that is followed in developing any brand-website will include (1) Defining and Documenting the website business goal and objectives (2) Translating the objectives into web requirement and most appropriate architecture (3) Creating a unique design that reflects the business goals and objectives clearly (4) Setting standards for content design and user interface (5) Developing text and graphics content and client-side scripting (6) Developing server-side program content (7) Monitoring of usability component and value indicators.

You can visit for some in depth and comprehensive information of building brand websites.

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