Are You Content With Your Branding? 5 Simple Techniques to Make Your Website a Household Name

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The best brander I've ever come across on the web wasn't even trying to sell anything. Lance Winslow, die-hard article-writer and fan, gave me a swift kick in the right direction with his latest “accidental" strategic article campaign. Thanks to Lance's brilliance, I was reminded of what you and I both NEED to do to build a powerful online presence.

Here are five tried-and-tested tricks you can borrow from Lance Winslow the Franchise King of, to get your message out to the masses and make sure everybody knows YOUR name.

1. Give yourself a tagline.

A tagline is the opposite of a headline because it comes last instead of first. Your tagline is the “punctuation" at the end of your marketing statement. Every famous big-name brand has a tagline and so should you. Examples: “GE: We Bring Good Things to Life. " “Burger King: Have it Your Way" (Am I dating myself with these samples?).

2. Get a great-looking logo.

You want to activate both hemispheres of your reader's brain and cement yourself in there. A logo does a nice job of this. Choose one that matches the “style" of what you offer, make sure it contains your signature font and color scheme. Don't forget to add that tagline!

3. Spring for a domain name.

Make it catchy and memorable. At $8 a pop from, there is no excuse NOT to register your site with a domain name that will be remembered by your visitors and that you can implement in your branding strategy. Add your domain name to your blog posts, emails, network comments and articles for instant recognizability. Don't be lazy now!

4. Use repetition to drill your message down deep.

I repeat: Use repetition to drill your message down deep. I hope Lance doesn't mind, but I am borrowing his tactic because it is dead-on for capturing traffic and page views while mesmerizing your audience. I recommend you put this strategy to work right now. The trick: fire off round after round of articles with matching themed headlines. Read the headline at the top of this page. . . I'm doing this as we speak.

Bonus Tip: You Prepared the Plan, Now Execute.

Here's what you MUST do to bring your branding effort to life. Get into the habit of branding yourself in every single piece of content you send out there. That means uploading your logo to every site that offers the option, tagging your emails, blog and forum posts with your “branding line, " URL and call-to-action. And of course, that killer article campaign with the repeating headlines that even your competition can't help but stare at with envy!

Are you ready to brand like a pro? Good, let's get cracking and make you a household name.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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