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Have you ever seen what you thought could have been a great business but for some reason it doesn't catch on? What you will learn here is how to avoid:

- Frustration
- Mistakes
- Heartache

Here you will have the right thought process when giving your business a name that will be remembered. You've heard it a million times. Perception is everything. Regardless of whether it's the truth, perception is what rules the world. So when considering your business name, make sure that the perception of that name is what you intend it to be.

The branding of your name and what you want it to stand for is just as important. Make sure that your name is able to be branded not just registered. By that, I mean, that you can operate a business under a registered name but you may not be able to promote or brand that name so be careful.

TIP: Get the name right first and the rest will follow.

You may have to brainstorm with others and take some time if your business is not easy to explain.

Some initial but important tasks are essential in the beginning. As soon as you have some suitable names, check if you are allowed to own them. Is the name available as a registered business name? Are you able to register and buy the domain name? If so, ask yourself these questions:

Can I combine what I do with a catchy new word or phrase? Are there any symbols I can put in the name that come to mind? Can I use the first letter of the name as a pocket logo to identify my business?

TIP: Choose a name that has a meaning or suggestion of what you do.

Consider all potential names and narrow them down to a short list of five to 10 names. Use the following checklist to evaluate them one at a time. You must be able to answer yes to all questions for any name to be considered further.

1. Is it no more than three words combined?
2. Is each word less than 10 letters?
3. Does it identify what you do?
4. Does the first letter lend itself to a logo?
5. Does it conjure only positive thoughts when it is read?
6. Is it easy to say?
7. Does it sound pleasing to the ear?
8. Does it have an emotional feel?

If you have answered yes for any name, the names may be considered further. Once you have a couple of names that you feel are worthy, give them to everyone you know associated with your business. If you haven't started yet give it to others that you don't know and ask their opinion. Be sure to ask them to complete the answers to the 8 questions above.

Last but not least, you need a slogan.

TIP: Make sure the slogan is catchy and will be remembered.

Some great examples of names and slogans are:

"Which Bank"
Commonwealth Bank
(Savings bank of Australia)

"We'll save you"
Aussie Home loans.
(Home lending Intuition)

"You Know Who"
(Telecommunications provider)

In conclusion I wish you luck. This information will be invaluable to you when you have to market and sell your products into the worldwide scene. There are still a lot of issues here and I suggest that you always seek advice of a lawyer before you do anything that will impact in any way on you or your business.

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