A 7 Step Approach To Building A Better Brand

Jeneth Blackert

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Picture this: You are sitting at a conference table between two business coaches. One coach tells you he has helped many small businesses improve their bottom line. OK. That's great, but you decide you don't need him and you can cross him off your list. Then you turn to your other side. The second coach tells you she has created a simple step-by-step system that usually triples her clients’ bottom line in just 2 months. Ahhh. Yes! Now she has your interest. And you want to know more.

The secret is branding. The first coach doesn't have a clear vision of his business brand, while the other coach has developed a proven, step-by-step system to present her business to you using her branding strategy.

How can you improve YOUR brand? NOW? Answer the questions below for yourself as you take these 7 steps, and be on your way to a better brand and a better bottom line.

1. Identify your target market. Who exactly are you trying to reach? Does it matter if they have children? If so, know their importance to your service or product. What does your target market want? What do they need? What solution can they get from you? Now that you have identified a specific group, let's narrow it down a little further. If you had to pick one person to picture as you market, who would it be? Maybe it's a woman with allergies who is married with two children. Or a single bachelor that makes a six-figure salary. Or the owner of a small company without internet knowledge, but a desire to market online. Keep this person in mind as you build your brand.

2. Speak to your target audience ONLY. Whether you are in a networking group or writing an article. Write to YOUR target market.

3. Be an expert. You don't have to write a book to be an expert. The above example demonstrated the second coach's clear presentation. The first business coach may have had years of experience and a truck-load of testimonials, but it didn't matter because he didn't convince you of his expertise.

4. Represent your business with confidence. Whether you are demonstrating your brand online or in person, put your best face forward. Stand up straight, look your best, and express your business with clarity. (i. e. the elevator speech. )

5. Don't be afraid. You don't have to be perfect! When I first started writing, I realized I didn't use the best grammar. Many people pointed out my mistakes. Some of those people have even become my clients. How? Well, I am a writer in a hurry, so I trust a copyeditor to proofread. I use writing as a tool to express who I am and what I can teach my clients. My writing is a valuable component of my brand.

6. Start building great relationships. People buy from people they like, respect and trust. Whether through email or face-to-face networking, be respectful and trustworthy. Let those qualities be a part of your brand.

7. Find the one thing you are great at and DO IT. If you are following a path and it doesn't end with a pot of gold in the first couple of months, don't stop. Keep putting your energy out there and it will soon attract silver coins.

Remember, as a small business owner or solo entrepreneur, you will live and breathe your brand-now that you know what it is!

Jen Blackert, Client Attraction Marketing Coach, is a results-driven marketing strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to attract all the clients they need. Her methods are based on the universal laws of attraction. Visit her website at http://www.jenblackert.com and her marketing podcast at http://www.insightsintomarketing.com


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