How Can a Piece of Cardstock Make Networking, Promoting & Selling Your Business Easier and More Fun?

Jeremy Tuber

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I met Darlene at one of my networking meetings; she's never run a business or come to a networking meeting in her life. And it shows. Between bites of my morning cottage cheese I peek over at her and see her flipping her hair, tapping her pencil and biting her lip in what seems to be one continuous fidget. Darlene's scared out of her wits, she isn't comfortable and she certainly isn't confident. You just couldn't help but feel bad for her. You've got someone really trying to do something in his/her life but just isn't comfortable doing it.

A lot of us are like Darlene (or were like her), some more than others; I used to be a little like her too. I didn't always feel so confident in my business.

After seeing her a couple of times I approached Darlene with an idea. How would you like to feel more confident, comfortable and credible about your business? Would you like to make networking and selling easier?

I got a resounding, “Yes".

So I set to work on helping Darlene feel more confident, comfortable and credible about her business. I began my quest with an ordinary piece of cardstock measuring 2.5" x 3", that costs less than 3 cents a pop. You guessed it; I started creating an identity for Darlene on her new business card.

Just a little chunk of cardstock, that's it, yet you're in business it's an indispensable part of promoting your business. And in the hands of an experienced, business savvy designer, it's also a ticket to you feeling better about yourself and your business.

The equation is simple:
* You work with an experienced, business savvy designer
* You feel more confident, comfortable and credible about your business
* The more you feel these things the less afraid you are and the easier it is for you to promote, network and sell your business
* The more you promote, network and sell your business the more money you make and successful you are

Is it possible to feel more confident, comfortable and credible over a little piece of colored cardboard?

In Darlene's case, yes, it did.

Darlene responded so positively to her new business identity and card that I noticed it, the entire networking group noticed it, and most importantly, she noticed it. It was like a switch turned on in her heart and her brain, and she felt good about her business. She felt important, and she finally felt comfortable and confident about herself.

Don't take my word for it, she said, “I feel more real about my business. I just feel more confident when I meet people and do things in business that are stressful to me like networking. I want to thank you for helping me to feel good about my business and making me feel comfortable when I meet new people. "

If you know a “Darlene" in your life, or you are in the same situation she was, don't suffer being uncomfortable or not confident in what your business. Networking, promoting and selling can be so much easier if you feel confident and good about what you do. Call a business savvy designer today and start feeling better about yourself and your business.

I guarantee if you select a caring and capable designer, your whole outlook will change about your business. I've seen it happen, so has Darlene.

Jeremy runs the only business savvy graphic design firm who helps companies build more confidence and credibility into their business identities. “I help you take your business’ vision and shape it into a company identity that will make you look better, feel better and have more confidence about your business. ”

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