Would You Like Fries With That... Having An Advertising System That Sells!


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Take a look behind every great business in the world and you will find systems in place that make the business so much more profitable.

I’m sure you can think of a few…"would you like fries with that"!

Having an advertising system is no different!

You see once you have an advertising system in place you will know how many give customers or take a few will buy from you when you place your tested and proven ads.

Imagine placing ad knowing that it will probably produce 40 leads for your business and from that you can expect to convert 25% of those leads into real live customers.

The best part about having an advertising system is once you have it you can roll it out again and again!

So what should make up your advertising system?

Do you have any idea?

Now worries if you don’t I’ll give a few things that are in my system, firstly you must have a…

1. Lead Generator – This is the ad that brings in the leads. There are some great examples of lead generating ads in The Lazy Way To Advertising Riches at my website.

2. A Sales Tool – i. e. Free Report, 5 day e-course, a brochure (important never send a brochure to a prospect without a covering letter…why? You’ll convert more sales that’s why…well you will if you know the formula for writing a covering letter that sucks money out of your prospects wallet quicker that quicker than a vacuum cleaner sucking up sand).

Does this sound to simple?

Well the thing is it’s not really that hard. The hard part is knowing what to write and where to write it! If you’re smart and I’m sure you are otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to have read this far, is to just learn and copy someone who’s been there and done that.

That’s what I did!

That’s what a lot of Entrepreneurs do!

You see there’s no point trying to re-invent the wheel, when someone else has spent time and money already building a better and faster model.

You see you’ll discover quick and simple shortcuts that will increase the response you get from your advertising. Ideas and techniques which would normally take you years to discover and quite possibly thousands of dollars in advertising.

You want to be on the “fast track" to Working Smarter. . .instead of harder.

Scott Wilson is the author of “How to Create Money Sucking Ads That Work on Autopilot While You Go Fishing" a free 12 page report available for a limited time at http://www.smarterbusinessleads.com Also go there right now for your free copy of the brand new Mp3 Audio “Dirt Cheap Advertising Secrets. "


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